Sunday, March 25, 2007

Don't trust M'sia Post

ppl, PLS dun trust M'sia Post.. They'll pilfer.. I'm serious.. I curse the STEALER..

Don't send any important stuff either from overseas to M'sia or from M'sia to overseas..

yesterday, my mum get a REGISTERED post from my bro & sis from Aussie,
inside got important stuff, $$..

later, we only found out that more than half of the figure has lost..


1. the outside envelope has a Malaysia Post Sticker on it, it shows that they stick back the envelope

2. even the inside envelope also can see that there are people had done something to the envelope...
Stop being so cheap, this don't belong to you, this is called stealer, not post officer..

i'm getting SO disappointed by M'sia..

HEY, please la, come on.. Last time, there are bad news about Malaysia Post, about the postman/post officer threw away people's letter.. (MANY somemore)

Shame of the M'sia Post..

Visit M'sia Year, no it should be 'THE LAST TIME TO VISIT M'sia YEAR'

i'm waiting for the HAZE, annual HAZE, see wat can be seen in M'sia.. Visit M'sia Year wor..

p/s: Thanks to SiokYean for listening my complaint yesterday.. *PURE french(ship) kiss friendship kiss to u* Xp

~Keith is waiting & looking forward what will happen to M'sia~