Saturday, June 30, 2007

R.I.P. Bai Shan Kou Gong

In english, generally is uncle
but in cantonese, I call him 'Kou Gong' which is meant my granny's younger bro..
Bai Shan Kou Gong

all of a sudden, he had gone..
gone to heaven..
he lived healthy and strong all along,
No one believes he had gone,
so do I,
although I know he had gotten sick &
see it with my own eyes
but still,
lying to myself..

in his life time, he rescued many people
as what we call as 'En Hui', cantonese 'Yan Wai'

Many people showed up these few days to pay him the last respect
hundreds of people showed up
estimately, about 200-300..
well, he did leave many memories behind..
anyone one of us still can remember
deep inside our heart..

To many people, he is not an ordinary man,
yes, people who know him
really think and feel that..

unluckily, he left us on Friday,
I believe,
we can still feel him
although he is not around us physically..

May he can rest in peace,
we love him
and proud to be his relatives..
He IS always special to us,
forever and ever..

People who don't know him,
they'll never know how special he is..

~K3!tH doesn't post this for the readers, it's for himself~

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Murder case again?

I still remember, that a case happened in out condominium, a chemist was killed on her bed nakedly*If i'm not mistaken*.. and and and, the murderer killed her with a KNIFE, from what I know, she had many wounds on her body.. Oh, cant imagine..

hmm.. i think it's unsolve case as we didn't see it on newspaper anymore.. M'sia is like that!!!!
that time I was 14 or 15, still studying at TsunJin High, haven't become a blogger also..

at the night or passed by the building, I'll count from the base, 1,2,3...till *I cant remember already*, then i said, "the lights are switched off, is it the unit?" haha..

Just before I blog this, a moment ago, our block cleaner told us that a murder case had happened at 7am. *which block is not mentioned here*
She said the Indian young girl was FELL, not jumped, from floor 16th.. yes, sixteenth!
The cleaner described her head had been 'pecah' burst.. and the girl was wearing bra & underwear only, we suspected she was going to be raped before she died.. Oh, how scary is it!!

for further information, I don't really know, gotta find out from the next day newspaper..

~K3!tH is so curious about this case wayAr~

Saturday, June 23, 2007


we don't feel something is around us,
but when it had left,
then we realised it..

we don't appreciate it,
as we always do it as a habit,
once it had changed,
it'll never be the same again..

we don't care what's happening around us,
when it appears,
we see nothing,
when it disappears,
we feel nothing..

when you care it,
it really plays apart in your life..

Don't care it's good or bad,
there will be a story behind,
there will be moral values,
that's why God make men..

A man will never live in his world forever,
a chopstick will break apart easier compared to many of chopsticks,
why don't we become stronger instead?

Everyone's the same,
they live for their life,
and so do we..

Life is fragile,
no one can say oneself can live forever,
so do Chin Huang Di..

No one can predict what will happen in next second,
who knows a healthy person can just be gone in a split second..

Believe the world,
believe our life,
it's realistic
and no one can change the fact,
and I believe,
one's future can change by his or her.


Written by Keith KJ Leong

~K3!tH wrote it for no reason~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hari Koperasi

it's like normal schooling day, but i went to school earlier than usual to help out some stuff..

during assembly, all the cooperative prefects hav to stand in front of students & teachers and sing the koperasi song, Semangat Koperasi, and this is what we have expected - the students laughed, so do us as this song sucks.. I think we should compose a new song for 'em.. HAHA..

you know wat? the teachers seem like staring us with the evil and angry eyes.. WATEVER..

assembly ended.. we go back to the class, not studtying, but just dropped our bags there, and changed into cooperative shirt then crap around..

I saw tray and tray of muffin.. looks yummy wayAr.. well, we hav FREE muffin and Ice-cream!! later on, our ice-cream came, all of us started crap around..

actually, i'm not in-charged of this section, but don't know why, I've become the one who in-charged, it's a good thing though..

when the school was going to end, Pn Paramjit came and 'pong chan' bought ice-cream.. SuetHooi scooped for her.. and she said,
"Wa! You scoop according the person's size?" all of us laughing like hell ya..

frankly speaking, we are fair to everyone.. haha.. as we are
Trusted, &

well, that day is a happy & joyful day.. and end up so tired leh.. Didn't go for tuition also, but replace it on Saturday.. we koperasi have earned A LOT, not telling the figure of course, as I don't really know the actual figure..

By the way, secondary school life is not that bad, just some of the days are killing us.. My secondary school life is gotta end, i doubt i'll miss it, my friends and everything..

go CaiJin & Jamie's blog for more pictures..

~K3!tH doesn't really HATE secondary school life~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

after holiday, life changes

yes, everything's so hard..

especially, moral project.. it really killed me.. people, no doing moral last minute.. it's so suffering..

no time to blog also!!! haiz.. *even i'm free, i didn't always blog too*

Well, people, take care.. leave me some msg ya? my blog looks so DEAD!!!

yes, D-E-A-D. dead..

hope can find other time to blog something..

something's in my mind, it just a matter of time...
I don't have the time to process type it out..

see ya some other day...

my high school life sucks wayAr..

~K3!tH has a pair of PANDA eyes, haha~

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Say bye bye to HOLIDAY..

well.. mid year holiday is gonna end.. we have to continue our boring secondary school life..
it's a happy thing also, miss my classmates weyAr..
I miss some teachers too.. Xp

ok, stop messing around..

well, on the 29th of May, I've attended College Life In One Day(CLIOD) at Taylor's University College at Subang...
yes, it's good to attend and experience..
it's not entirely the same way the college students doing, but they took us a tour to the library*like the library* and tell us about Taylor's and bla bla bla..

it's kinda boring, i mean I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIEND with me.. everyone got their friends, one gang and another gang.. sad thing, i'm the only lonely guy..

luckily, I met 3 lenglui future seniors yea... I really had fun with them.. so fast get along with them.. nice girls...

on the 2nd of June, went to Holiday Villa, yes, subang again.. haha.. with my parents and HuiXin and family.. have a great time there... play tennis *i'm pro leh, pro at picking up tennis balls*, bowling, snooker, swimming.. oh, and jacuzzi.. haha..
we had high tea at a restaurant of Holiday Villa, keep eating non-stop.. haha..
I think we spent the most time on swimming.. enjoy jacuzzi too..
Had a great time also..

I just briefly talk about that.. hope you guys will enjoy your last 2 days holiday..

tommorow i'll be attending my driving undang-undang seminar*whatsoever what it called*, then at night will be attending a wedding dinner.. gonna be drunk.. haha..

~K3!tH is happy, yet sad that school reopen~

Monday, June 04, 2007

new layout..

Thanks to Cyndi for this new layout..

I was lazy to look for a new layout, so I asked her for a help.. hehe..

hope you guys will like it..

drop me some comments, thanks..

~K3!tH finally has a new layout~