Saturday, December 29, 2007

NS and boring night

some of my friends are going National Service today, which is a wastage and useless stuff to me, I mean majority of US, eventually everybody..

cases happening over there, someone died, raped, what this, what that.. OMG.. many parents don't agree to let the children go for that stupid NS..

I'm not sure how many percent of the people they had chosen every year, but all is done by computer.. obviously, here is neither as run-down as Africa nor Singapore.. we are just GOING to look like Indonesia.. not surprise.. X(O.O)X
hmm.. what i can say is, just going backwards, for goodness sake..

whatever.. I just hope that they could enjoy, be aware and be careful.. take care my friends..

sorry for not attending yesterday farewell party as I was not feeling well..

* * *

tonight, it will be a boring day, yap, really boring..

my parents are going for my not-so-close relative's wedding dinner, so they didn't invite me and leave me alone at home.. so i can foresee it'll be a boring night..
~I'm psychic........~

~K3!tH knows the future XS~

++falling from the peak to the valley.. gotta get up and crawl to the crest again++

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

fresh, and impatient

had my hair cut today! I hate having long hair, i don't mean shoulder length or longer than that la.. XP

now, i feel FRESH.. *inhale* emm... *exhale* haaaaaaaaaaaa... lol..

wanna see my new hairstyle cut, gotta wait for new year eve.. i'll post my pictures on that day, i mean mayb u gotta wait till 1st January, course I need time to post it right? patient~~ even u don't wanna read my blog.. XS ~~patient


Oya, one month to go...


la la la..
Download Britney's new songs.. Loving it.. opps, out of control already..~~

~K3!tH is waiting impatiently~

++falling from the peak to the valley.. gotta get up and crawl to the crest again++

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

yesterday I had planned meeting up with SiokYean, WaiYee and KhaiYin in Wongkok for the boring afternoon.. as i have Christmas celebration at night at my granny's hse..

after 3pm I reached there, I thought I would be the last 1, guess what, i'm the 2nd one.. when i reached there, I saw Vin Nie, then I asked her where KhaiYin is.. In fact, she was just sitting next to her.. KhaiYin had changed her hairstyle, so I was unable to recognise her.. HAHA..
Sit with them while waiting for WaiYee and SiokYean..

LOOK! VinNie was liked a celebrity who was got caught by paparazi.. haha..

WAIT.. WAIT.. finally they came.. They were so surprised about KY's new hairstyle.. haha..
then, we shifted to the other tables.. while we talked and laughed, people kept on looking at us, as we had make the place so crowded were making noises.. damn noisy that type.. Can u imagine? eyes staring at you! O.O

talked, talked, talked for so long, and just order 4 drinks.. the waiters and waitress must be scolding us for occupied the table for so long and making noises, but end up, order just 4 drinks.. haha..

WaiYee and I

KhaiYin and I

Siok and I

SiokYean's trademark, covering with hands while laughing.. haha..

Waiting for WaiYee and KhaiYin, we continue snapping..

wow.. so tall.. look deeply, we're not looking at the same thing.. haha..

that is a REALLY blur blur look.. haha..

curi-curi snapped.. ART PIECE.. XS

ya, and AGAIN!!! haha..

didn't realise time passed so fast, it's 6pm.. it was like gonna rain outta.. plus, SY has wedding dinner to go and KY has party, so cant stay too late.. Moreover, I had mentioned above, I hav celebration.. so tata.. miss them!!
* * *

at my granny's hse, guess what i spotted? a papacazi
my cousin, WeiJing who was snapping pictures of me and HuiXin *celebrities ma!*

SiokYean!!! someone has your trademark, faster register 'copyright reserved'!

Christmas tree in granny's hse and spot those presents under it..

snapping pictures after wearing Santa cap..

me with the Christmas tree

games time..
boy is too skinny and 'light', he couldn't even let the balloon exploded..

girl also sat for few times.. she's thin! haha..

blow candles..
nice leh? art piece ah!

i'm the 'cheng hei' 1.. can blow all the candles out in less than 10 seconds.. haha..

after games *didn't post all, in fact, that were other games as well..*, we get our presents by choosing number and had my wine!

bully HuiXin, hahahaha!! I adjusted it few times to take this shot..
1st picture is more natural 1..

another art piece again!!

aiyo, I post this until 4 sth leh!! didn't take a sleep today somemore.. my day is busy today, except morning..

night night.. it's really late now..

~K3!tH had his happy day~

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas EVE

OMG, this takes so long to just get in.. Don't know why.. Line's good, I could log in friendster and read blogss, but just couldn't get in here.. finally..

Guess what, I'm not going to about Christmas eve *duh! then why I entitled as 'Xmas eve'?*

well, in fact, it's Xmas eve ma..

I don't do deco in hse, but my granny's hse.. we'll be havin Christmas celebration tomorrow night.. woo..

well, i'm 'dam-sum' havin heartache for losing my pictures, songs and stuff in my former computer.. when I viewed Jason and Jamie's blog, it reminds me of my pictures.. haiz.. one of the chips in my hard disk was partially burned *I don't know what that is*.. all the info cannot be transferred out, so die lo.. luckily i do hav some back-up file, if don't... HAHA.. oya, and some pictures in Friendster and MySpace..

actually, we'd planned having gathering tomorrow at KiaWei and Shen's hse, but many can't make it, so just cancelled.. YouPeng even came back earlier from S'pore for this.. sorry, I had known this yesterday too, as u did..

today I went out with parents for lunch.. some youngers *saying that as though i'm old* - of course older than me - were smoking.. feel like cursing the smokers sometimes, but I scared for paying back, so just shut the fuck up lo.. hehe.. I hate smoking..

~~~~~~~~~~10 days to go~~~~~~~~~~

I'll be havin my new face in my life, college..

should I say:
'yeah! school, I mean college gotta start!!!' or
'holidays are going to over SOON!!! gimme more!!'
'Just let it be normal..' XS
'my hectic life is just ahead, what to do?'
'yeah yeah, meet new friends!! old friends can forget.. HAHA

Oya, hmm.. one month after 26th Dec *remind me of Tsunami..*, it's a BIG day, i'm serious.. *don't be obvious la*

~end my post, of course wish you guys a Happy Merry Christmas ya..~

Saturday, December 22, 2007

冬至 'Gor Dong'


初二还是初三,地理都上过冬至是在12月22日。特别很有印象,因为地理是我蛮爱上的一堂课,我曾经blog过MdmBeh, 不知是否你还记得吗?她就是我的地理老师兼班导师。


blog is 博客吧?cacat到死。哈哈……


fucker, I damn 'eh song' now.. shit, bloody fucker..

what comes around goes around.. wait and see..

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sunway Pyramid day

my internet has some problems.. finally can online already, yet slow.. haiz..

today went to Sunway Pyramid with my younger cousins.. yes, it had renovated and has a face 2.. tell you what, it's great and nice over there..

it had renovated for months, but I didn't go there even before SPM started.. haha..

wow, so many people were skating today.. OMG, it's not really enjoying skating, but like pasar malam lo.. lol.. so, I had made a smart choice, not to skate..

then, we do some shopping.. walking from one end to another end then another end..
well, more on 'window shopping'..

my sapo HuiXin said finishing shopping at the old face, then go for new one.. confused wor.. haha..

well, we went for 'Enchanted', it's kinda nice show, worth to watch also.. haha.. It's a comedy and saying a girl had fallen in love with a prince in her fairy tale at the first sight, then wanna get married on the spot.. After that, under the curse of the prince's step mother, she goes to NewYork City.. *watch it yourself*

to me, today is just like weekends.. doesn't feel like i'm living in FRIDAY.. haha..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

BBQ gathering

went to YuetLeng's hse for BBQ just now.. many of our classmates went today..

hmm.. in fact, it's not long time no see.. still that crazy and fun..

next year we'll be not seeing one another that often, but we're still friends..

i meet up with Lian at fishing pond, and end up wait for her and others.. ok la, not that long till I beh tahan.. I joined Joseph's car which was following behind MoonTing's.. Actually, that apartment is not that far away from the place that I waited for them. BUT, MoonTing took us for a BIG tour.. We studied vector, but MoonTing must hav forgotten.. haha..

What gives me a shook is YuetLeng cut her hair, long become short.. Well, I prefer long hair for girls, but Rihanna's hairstyle is exceptional.. haha..
makes me remind of Michelle, the 1st time I saw her short hair, it really was a BIG & scary surprise.. She used to hav long hair, I miss it.. So do Leka..

BBQ, playing a fool, laughing around.. time passed so fast.. Hope to get the pictures from SuetHooi and Chooi.. SEND them to me or upload to friendster, girls..

about 11pm, we started to go home.. WaiLik's dad gave us a ride to Lian's hse, the place to wait for my dad.. well, what makes Lian and I feel bad is WaiLik's dad went to bed already, but he had to wake up and fetch us back as MoonTing's car was overloaded.. haha..
what is funny is Lian smsed WaiLik in the car for apologising.. I knew this after all.. haha..

Lian said her place was dangerous and unsafety at the night, well, actually it's not that horrible la.. she scared me.. the street is scary, but around restaurant is crowded.. what so scare about it..
oh, people, NEVER - hear me? - NEVER think that Malaysia is a safety and peace country, in fact, this stupid country is no longer safety.. It's a fact, no suing me for spreading rumous, it's not rumous.. this country is ridiculous..

Haven't heared? a 18-year-old boy was in jail because of no bring Identity Card with him when he was out.. I mean in jail for 6 months.. Yes.. more and more cases.. here is no longer safety..

hope that our country will make some changes, oh i'm just thinking, how could this happen in HERE?

I had just immunised to this place..

many Malaysians had migrated to overseas.. why? there must a many problems, yes, you're right.. haiz..

however, i had an enjoyable and unforgettable memories in my life just for tonight..

take care, my friends.. will always love ya..

no longer banana

I used to say that my com is banana, which means Chinese don't know chinese at all.. ya, I cant type chinese in my com last time..

Guess what, my com can type chinese now..

he's no longer a banana.. haha..


OMG.. just a few words take me damn long time to type.. i prefer English.. haha..


finally my computer is back.. i mean my new com..

last time the old computer always gave me problem, then finally spoilt already..

many friends asked me why not online and msn, they know my computer has spoilted and i was not able to online and msn..

months without computer and msn, just could online to update my blog and friendster..

gotta install stuff and update myself too..

britney's official 'Piece of Me' music video is on YouTube.. check it out..

Friday, December 14, 2007

Piece of me! not me, KEITH

Piece Of Me Video Sneek Peek:

check this out..

yeah, me - Keith..
ok, I know the answer!! haiz..

I made my history - failed my slope part *duh!!*

ya, went to my drivin test today.. what i can say is they were are slow and there was air polluted.. i was gonna suffocate as cars produced carbon monoxide and some fellows smoking.. die la..

YER, scold and 'wash' them.. haha.. pls la, think of people who are around you.. if u wanna smoke, go to somewhere else.. they're damn irritaing..

wait wait wait for so long.. finally it was my turn.. sad story starts - I failed my slope part.. XS

the Kancil is damn lousy and like going to breakdown.. I use to drive my driving centre car which is easier for me.. but this Kancil gave me problem................... YER.. >.<

PRAY to get a better car on the day u take your driving test..

I passed my 'on the road'.. and u know what we hav to pay in order to pass once and for all..

ok, nothing to talk much.. while i was there, i felt like having many things to blog, BUT, BUT, not really and not much.. CAN'T recall because i was too sad......


~This will be a history of mine, i'll laugh when i look back in future.. Don't jealous if YOU passed~

XP haha..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

sick is no fun..

i'm sick.. haiz.. i'm havin flu and sore throat.. I even ate laksa yesterday.. haha.. long time no eat, so we decided to eat laksa..

i blogged this post and the previous post at the same time.. now, at night, i feel better.. hope can get well ASAP..

Monday, December 10, 2007

6B gatherin

raining again.. we meet at Tasty Hot Pot for our gathering again, yes, we had been there so many times..

we supposed to meet their by 7.30pm, when i reached there, guess what, there was only KhaiYin sitting alone at the table.. haha.. i thought almost everybody was there..

KhaiYin, SiokYean, WaiYee, RiHao, WeiJun, YouPeng, Jerry Goh, JoYee, KiaShen & girlfriend and KiaWei & girlfriend atended this gathering..

later on, we find out KiaWei and Shen are taking SAM in Taylor's whereas YouPeng & JoYee are taking A Level.. hope that we have more chances to see them next year at Taylor's..

about 9 sth, we were planning to go to a cafe restaurant to continue.. last minute we only confirmed going Free Zone.. KiaWei and Shen are being GOOD boyfriends, they sent their girlfriends home and left us.. *usually ppl paktoh won't care about their friends 1, HAHA..* WeiJun and JoYee also went home..

snapping pictures for SiokYean at Free Zone with WaiYee and KhaiYin, so do I.. *Siok, I want the pictures.. upload to friendster*

WaiYee and RiHao left before 11am and we stayed until 12sth am.. Jerry gave us a lift and his drivin is scary, man.. haha.. he drift in the night and he did tell us his adventurous experiences..

Oh god, I'm sick the next day.. I think I got wet under the rain that night..

busy day - drivin trial & gathering

this morning 8.24am(so accurate as i checked my answered calls list, haha..), when i'm still having my wet sweet dream to get enough rest for my tonight gathering.. Guess what? My driving uncle woke me from my sleep.. That time, i was in the blur blur mood.. -.-?

As what I had posted, my drivin trial supposed to be on tomorrow, BUT, BUT, uncle woke me up and told me that I'll be having my drivin trail at 10.30am.. Well, when i HEARD that news - guess what? - i continued my sweet dream after i had set my mobile alarm..


Luckily, i didn't oversleep..

This morning, it had been raining for so MANY hours.. rain rain rain, and i drive drive VERY SAFE la, obviously.. I learned the 1st and 2nd road.. practising parking and slope*dunno what it called* at the place where I'll be havin my test at..
yes, it was raining non-stop..

after that we had our lunch, rain started to stop, then pratised and finally I could go back home..
on the way, raining again.. who cares? I still drove at the slowest lane*it's a rule*, but i was still speeding.. Of course, how can I drive like a turtle and everyone overtook me.. hehe.. I even hon some stupid fellows who drove from my right lane to left lane in front of me.. If he/she wanna go to hell, fuck off of my way.. Girls can drive very hot and wild, of course DANGEROUS.. haha.. *danger danger*

come back to my house at 3.30pm, i didn't take a rest and i blog this now.. maybe i'll fall asleep durin gathering.. HAHA.. kidding la, i will never fall asleep..

okay, take a rest, but not a sleep.. ready for my gathering for tonight..

*waiting for tonight, wu o, and you will be here in my arms...* J.Lo's song..

~K3!tH ready for my drivin test?? O.o?~

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Open Day. Taylor's.

came back from Taylor's not long ago.. went to Taylor's and gao dim everything.. yeah..
hmm.. the 1st day is on 3rd Jan, not extra holidays.. yes, i hav expected..

hehe.. ready for my college life.. tough and hectic.. all the best to myself lo..

and it will be fun and great.. haha..

oh god, i look kinda weird in the picture which will be printed on my ID card.. hmm.. hope it will be ok.. i've chosen the 2nd and it's also the last pic i took.. how can i keep on saying no and retake again.. it would be funny and embarrasing if i take and take again.. haha..
+, it's just an ID card.. HAHA..

reply to all my friends who sent me testi before and after SPM.. hehe.. long time didn't reply them lo.. i oso ask my senior for 2nd hand book, waiting for reply..

y'day attended wedding dinner, YES, again.. haha.. see, so many wedding dinners are going on at the end of the year.. haha.. just mention, no blogging about it.. haha..

Friday, December 07, 2007


life's boring AT HOME..
hate staying at home and doing nothing..
i will be going for my drivin trial on this coming tuesday..

yesterday went to Mdm Beh, my TsunJin High former teacher's hse.. long time din see her, she's still the same.. she's always so busy.. the only one who is in pink is Mdm Beh..

Can u imagine stay at home during holidays WITHOUT computer..
FUCK la, i cant msn with my buddy and stuff.. using my dad's laptop is such a yucks.. I can't use it all the time..

i miss my msn.. FUCK la the stupid com.. now i still cant fix the com or buy a new 1.. damn..

going for gathering this coming mon, meet my friends and buddy.. before that i still gotta go for Taylor's open day.. don't know which course to take..

it's fucking bad mood for me, today ME.. so many f f f, u know la..

shut the FUCK up..

Monday, December 03, 2007

going to update & Elaine's wedding

my blog has dead so many times, yet i hav saved him*my blog* many times.. haha..

SPM, damn hectic and tough for us.. dead lo..

haha.. still hav 1 more paper, chinese on tomorrow, then i'm done.. doesn't mean that i'm dead.. k?

i hav listed things to buy and do.. gotta do many things, shopping, playing a fool around, register college and etc.. BUY new mobile phone.. hehe.. after 2mr, then my real life starts..

it starts from college.. cant wait for that day.. drive to Taylor's, yeah, why not?

1st of Dec

I attended my cousin, Elaine's wedding dinner in M'sia.. well, they had had their grand wedding dinner and engagement in October at Singapore.. well, but many of us are not able to attend...

1st Dec i attended the dinner at Pearl Point hotel restaurant, it is kinda bad lo.. hehe.. we don't hav wine glasses for wine.. Well, i drank 4 glasses of red wine, not enough for me, though.. hehe.. OMG, the glasses are so not sexy shock and cool.. dishes all sucks not good..
it's so embarrasing lo..
this is all because we couldn't reserve any better hotel, all fully booked.. so many occasions and functions are going on at the end of the day.. wedding, prom and stuff.. that's why.. DUH!!
should hav booked it earlier..

i bet i'll miss Elaine as she will be very busy for running his hubby's companies at Singapore..
well, I did kinda moody for that after the dinner when i reached home.. haha.. hope to see her someday.. hehe..

many of my cousins are not in KL as if the time when we were young.. my bro and sis are at Aussie, some at Singapore, Taiwan.. hope all of us can get back to together.. haha.. MISS THEM..

just live for now, we don't know the future, we cant predict.. friends in JB had lost contact, some don't really KNOW them.. haiz..
reminds me of Taylor's slogan: We don't predict your FUTURE. We shape it.


~K3!tH misses everything?~

p/s: listen to Britney's new single - Piece of Me and The Veronicas new album, Hook Me Up
u will like it.. GUA.. hehe..
I had snapped some pictures, see them in my friendster profile..

Saturday, September 29, 2007


nothing to say, but seem like writing something..

when listening to 'apologise' by Timberland, a new rock song, i feel kinda moody like that..

i like the starting.. To me, it feels like an song that had been missing.. don't know why..
i think it is similiar to some songs.. i think it is the clip that i'll intro later on..

i think of friends, generally, and more.. seems miserable.. i just dont know how to describe myself and dont know wat i am doing.. writing non-sense..

well, when i think of friends, one person just pop out of my mind.. dont know wat is going on, and our relationship just seems to be worsen, i dont know anything.. whatever..

well, songs can affect our emo, obviously, everyone does agree..
"When you're gone" by Avril does too..
Fai said when the 1st time he heard that song, he felt sad and misery..

plus, this clip really made me sad.. the time passing by like water flowing and just cant stop it..
this clip is famous, and everyone knows "Everyday".. and he then becomes a popular Youtube user and even the news reported this.. not in Malaysia, of course..

i even added him at MySpace, this guy is just so FAMOUS..

click this

just imagine every single days he took his photos for 6 years.. GOD!!
2356 Days.A work in progress.
i'm scared of going to older and older..
it has been almost a year ago he uploaded his video clip, but the comments in YouTube never stop..

i dun feel like watching it again, make me SAD, fucker.. haha..

~no watching it, definately not NOW..~

Opps, i did it again..
damn, i watched it AGAIN.. XD no 2nd time for today..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Gimme MORE..

I believe that a lot of people know "Gimme More" is from Britney's latest album..

I like this song..

Well, many people did ask me, "Why u still like Britney?" and bla bla bla..

yap, she has lots of negetive news - latest one is about MTV award performance, not wearing underwear, she said Sean Preston and Jayden James are her mistakes and etc..

well, i just hope her all the best.. and her negative news do affect her a lot..

Friday, September 07, 2007


UPSR is a primary government school public exam.. it ended on 5th of September (Wednesday)..
it just takes 3 days and SPM takes 10days for me..

following day, 6th Sept, I saw newspaper, chinese primary school Melayu Language and Mathematics had 'bocor' leaked out before the exam, even worse, it was announced that English and Science had leaked out on the next day..

Oh My Goodness.. Listen dude, it is GOV PAPER.. get me? GOV PAPER!!!!!!!!

How can they do such a thing, man? now, all the standard six students have to study again, just in case the government wants to retake those paper..

it is the gov fault and the students have to suffer.. although the government hasn't confirmed and asked for retake, it is still their fault.. haiz..

newspaper even listed out the exam which had been leaked out these few years..

luckily my time is ok.. No exam paper leaked out as what we know..

bla bla bla.. many people hav the same thought as mine.. ridiculous..

Exam paper leaked out..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

dying, but alive once more..

my blog i mean... quite sometimes didn't post right?

and my blog has mushroom *refer to tagboard*, right? got meh? where ya?


for no reason,
I missed my TsunJin High school..

the teachers, students, even the school,
i never been there for more than a year,
but.. i'm still missing it..

I was studying in that school for 3 and a half years,
do u think i can forget just like washing my memories away?

i miss the teachers though,
their voice, the action,
i even recall their voices of calling me..

friends had become my former classmates,
the life that i spent with them,
it just a memory
once i left the school..
it never happens again..

i can still remember a lot of things..
almost everything..
i miss them..
BUT, do they forget me?
Am I in their friend-list or they deleted me from it?

life must go on,
i get my new friends from Saujana,
make lots of differences..
be a blogger,
join MySpace,
and many more..

school life makes a lot of changes on me..
I don't have to wake up so EARLY,
not taking LRT,
shopping complex is not in a short distance *hehe*
become naughty *HAHA*
and lots and lots..

I'll experience it next year,
the same thing i do,
as we, my F5 Saujana friends, will be leaving secondary school
and enter college or F6, even gone to overseas..
we may be seperated..

next meeting all of us together will become unknown...
i doubt i'll be missing everything again..

Yes, primary schoolmates also had seperated,
but few of us still having gathering,
miss you guys..

my Johor Bahru schoolmates also lost contact,
how can i contact 'em is a problem..
missing you guys too..

p/s: whoever is from JB SJK(C) Foon Yew 2, pls contact me..
especially from 1M('97), 2C('98), 3C('99) and 4K('00)..

many friends from many places, i may not get everyone,
so people, precious every moment..

~K3!tH wrote tooooooo long for this.. hehe~

Friday, August 17, 2007

live .... less or liveless?

Live computer-less,
so boring..

Live music-less,
damn dull..

Live mobile-less,
no communication..

Live exam-less,
no stress.. HAHA..

Live without sex O.o driving (car),
no freedom..

My computer is having some problems,
cannot MSN or online for long moment,
no downloading music,
cannot listen my favourite songs..

I miss everything.. =S

~Live Keith-Leong-less, liveless *hehe*~

SPM's coming soon..


I think almost all the form 5 students, including me, hope that end of the year can come in blink blink, right? because we seem to have a lot of thingsssssssssss to do..

BUT, BUT, at the same time, we don't want end of the year come so fast as we hav to face SPM and say bye bye to my dearest darling friends in the school.. hmm, at that time, we miss everyone..

*back to reality*

ok, boys and girls,
click this link for SPM Schedule
SPM schedule

All the best people..

~K3!tH ... SPM SPM SPM~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

National service...

pay attention, people who were born on year 1990..

National Service name list had been confirmed..
thia year is the 5th year.. No one likes it in fact...
NO ONE likes it.. so many bad news about it..
however, just take it if u're so unlucky and take it easy, people..
useless government

to check, for Hotlink users only
type in NS (IC no.) send to 33995..

p/s: no dash or space in IC no..

example: NS 90**********

Thank God, I'm not one of them..
but some of my friends are so unlucky, yes, they had been chosen for NS..

All the best people..

~K3!tH feels safe..~
I left no comment, just see it yourself..

Saturday, July 28, 2007


went to Happy Garden pasar malam (night market), it's just a street, not like OUG one..

to me, it's so so DAMN boring.. dislike that pasar malam..

as usual, there are many stalls selling DVD and CD, opps and porns.. haha.. of course, many people *bong chan* buy..well, i didn't buy any, but i do DL.. hehe..

wasting your money on that.. hehe.. but, please buy original if necessary..

i hate one FM station, start with H one.. wat r they trying to tell about the 50th years of merdeke.. all non-sense.. all are not facts, stupid DJ with the station..

Superman has the idea of wearing underwear outside bcoz of M'sia.. OHH.. stupid non-sense..

people driving like that in M'sia since 1957.. is it insulting or wat? this few years, car accidents in M'sia increase, not like last time.. so r they trying to tell m'sia is going worse or wat in the radio station?

before 1957, H*** fm is known as H*** am... WTF? there was no this stupid station.. this station just had its 10-year anniversary, right?

more and more...
all non-sense, wat message r they trying to give us? wrong infomation or wat?
r u guys brainless? i wonder is it against the law or wat? Give them warning letter or sue them..
shame of you guys..

~K3!tH is speechless~

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MY FIRST TIME.. no more..

I had 2 happiness today..

first, I had won the champion in the debate competition..
this is the FIRST time I participated debate competition, never had it before...
I'm so happy leh..

after that, Lian, Sherlene and I, the winner went to a restaurant, of coz with some friends also..

oh ya.. before going to restaurant and after leaving the school, something happens in between.. Guess what? this is my 2nd 'FIRST time' of the day..

I DROVE.. yes.. gotta ask me, don't chat it here..

sensitive issue..

gotta seldom online and update my blog, so maybe it will die again! haha..
well, I'll make it alive and live again by doing SPR..

~K3!tH had his first times, not virginity, ok?~

Sunday, July 15, 2007

cigarettes everywhere

I went for the driving theory course and what I hate the most is people smoking everywhere..

I was like going to scold them, but of course, hell NO...

I saw a girl kept on coughing and coughing, she must be suffering..

Can anyone tell me, what is so interesting of smoking and holding the cigarette between the fingers?
cool? not cool at all..
smart? it's stupid..
taste nice? is this a possible answer? Don't tell me ya..

What else huh?

people, please don't smoke..

~K3!tH hates smoking!!~

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Missing, the thought

school ended,
i was standing at the side gate and was waiting for my parents to take me home..

I saw a small girl approached her sister..
her sister was so surprise and said "eh, you are here?"

what flash through my mind is my sister..
out of a sudden, I miss her on the spot..

missing the bus,
missing the time,
missing a person,
it's not the same meaning at all..

when you see something link to the person you miss,
there are some memories will flash back,
just pop out of your mind from no where..

I doubt I'll miss everything,
like my bro & sis do.

~who knows wat K3!tH is saying?~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

debate competition

well.. today we had a debate in my school, chinese debate..

1 pair of groups get outta points, the title is "Should secondary school students dating?",
but it seems the title is "Should secondary school students make love?" to 'em..
yes, it's A BIG difference and mistake!
funny leh..

The last pair of group is my group vs HanSeng group..
my group members are LiLian and Sherlene...
This moment is so excited for everyone of us, including the audiences..

In fact, 3 of us kept on attacking HanSeng... Seems he always said the wrong things.. haha.
& 3 of us just attacked HS as his group members are so QUIET...
yes, during debate!

so till the end, top 4 will be having final next wednesday, yes, including my group!
yeepee.. XP

Venue: Reading Hall / Language Room *not fixed*
Date : 18th July (Wed.)
Time : 1.30pm starts
Title : "Should students take tuition?"

p/s: tell me if you have any point! Thx..

the final will be held on 18th of July (Wednesday), the top four will try their best to emerge as champion.. I believe it would be more excited.. Everyone of you is invited to watch this final.. The more people will do.. Come ya and support me ya!! HAHA..

~K3!tH can't wait for the competition! hehe..~

Saturday, June 30, 2007

R.I.P. Bai Shan Kou Gong

In english, generally is uncle
but in cantonese, I call him 'Kou Gong' which is meant my granny's younger bro..
Bai Shan Kou Gong

all of a sudden, he had gone..
gone to heaven..
he lived healthy and strong all along,
No one believes he had gone,
so do I,
although I know he had gotten sick &
see it with my own eyes
but still,
lying to myself..

in his life time, he rescued many people
as what we call as 'En Hui', cantonese 'Yan Wai'

Many people showed up these few days to pay him the last respect
hundreds of people showed up
estimately, about 200-300..
well, he did leave many memories behind..
anyone one of us still can remember
deep inside our heart..

To many people, he is not an ordinary man,
yes, people who know him
really think and feel that..

unluckily, he left us on Friday,
I believe,
we can still feel him
although he is not around us physically..

May he can rest in peace,
we love him
and proud to be his relatives..
He IS always special to us,
forever and ever..

People who don't know him,
they'll never know how special he is..

~K3!tH doesn't post this for the readers, it's for himself~

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Murder case again?

I still remember, that a case happened in out condominium, a chemist was killed on her bed nakedly*If i'm not mistaken*.. and and and, the murderer killed her with a KNIFE, from what I know, she had many wounds on her body.. Oh, cant imagine..

hmm.. i think it's unsolve case as we didn't see it on newspaper anymore.. M'sia is like that!!!!
that time I was 14 or 15, still studying at TsunJin High, haven't become a blogger also..

at the night or passed by the building, I'll count from the base, 1,2,3...till *I cant remember already*, then i said, "the lights are switched off, is it the unit?" haha..

Just before I blog this, a moment ago, our block cleaner told us that a murder case had happened at 7am. *which block is not mentioned here*
She said the Indian young girl was FELL, not jumped, from floor 16th.. yes, sixteenth!
The cleaner described her head had been 'pecah' burst.. and the girl was wearing bra & underwear only, we suspected she was going to be raped before she died.. Oh, how scary is it!!

for further information, I don't really know, gotta find out from the next day newspaper..

~K3!tH is so curious about this case wayAr~

Saturday, June 23, 2007


we don't feel something is around us,
but when it had left,
then we realised it..

we don't appreciate it,
as we always do it as a habit,
once it had changed,
it'll never be the same again..

we don't care what's happening around us,
when it appears,
we see nothing,
when it disappears,
we feel nothing..

when you care it,
it really plays apart in your life..

Don't care it's good or bad,
there will be a story behind,
there will be moral values,
that's why God make men..

A man will never live in his world forever,
a chopstick will break apart easier compared to many of chopsticks,
why don't we become stronger instead?

Everyone's the same,
they live for their life,
and so do we..

Life is fragile,
no one can say oneself can live forever,
so do Chin Huang Di..

No one can predict what will happen in next second,
who knows a healthy person can just be gone in a split second..

Believe the world,
believe our life,
it's realistic
and no one can change the fact,
and I believe,
one's future can change by his or her.


Written by Keith KJ Leong

~K3!tH wrote it for no reason~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hari Koperasi

it's like normal schooling day, but i went to school earlier than usual to help out some stuff..

during assembly, all the cooperative prefects hav to stand in front of students & teachers and sing the koperasi song, Semangat Koperasi, and this is what we have expected - the students laughed, so do us as this song sucks.. I think we should compose a new song for 'em.. HAHA..

you know wat? the teachers seem like staring us with the evil and angry eyes.. WATEVER..

assembly ended.. we go back to the class, not studtying, but just dropped our bags there, and changed into cooperative shirt then crap around..

I saw tray and tray of muffin.. looks yummy wayAr.. well, we hav FREE muffin and Ice-cream!! later on, our ice-cream came, all of us started crap around..

actually, i'm not in-charged of this section, but don't know why, I've become the one who in-charged, it's a good thing though..

when the school was going to end, Pn Paramjit came and 'pong chan' bought ice-cream.. SuetHooi scooped for her.. and she said,
"Wa! You scoop according the person's size?" all of us laughing like hell ya..

frankly speaking, we are fair to everyone.. haha.. as we are
Trusted, &

well, that day is a happy & joyful day.. and end up so tired leh.. Didn't go for tuition also, but replace it on Saturday.. we koperasi have earned A LOT, not telling the figure of course, as I don't really know the actual figure..

By the way, secondary school life is not that bad, just some of the days are killing us.. My secondary school life is gotta end, i doubt i'll miss it, my friends and everything..

go CaiJin & Jamie's blog for more pictures..

~K3!tH doesn't really HATE secondary school life~

Sunday, June 17, 2007

after holiday, life changes

yes, everything's so hard..

especially, moral project.. it really killed me.. people, no doing moral last minute.. it's so suffering..

no time to blog also!!! haiz.. *even i'm free, i didn't always blog too*

Well, people, take care.. leave me some msg ya? my blog looks so DEAD!!!

yes, D-E-A-D. dead..

hope can find other time to blog something..

something's in my mind, it just a matter of time...
I don't have the time to process type it out..

see ya some other day...

my high school life sucks wayAr..

~K3!tH has a pair of PANDA eyes, haha~

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Say bye bye to HOLIDAY..

well.. mid year holiday is gonna end.. we have to continue our boring secondary school life..
it's a happy thing also, miss my classmates weyAr..
I miss some teachers too.. Xp

ok, stop messing around..

well, on the 29th of May, I've attended College Life In One Day(CLIOD) at Taylor's University College at Subang...
yes, it's good to attend and experience..
it's not entirely the same way the college students doing, but they took us a tour to the library*like the library* and tell us about Taylor's and bla bla bla..

it's kinda boring, i mean I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIEND with me.. everyone got their friends, one gang and another gang.. sad thing, i'm the only lonely guy..

luckily, I met 3 lenglui future seniors yea... I really had fun with them.. so fast get along with them.. nice girls...

on the 2nd of June, went to Holiday Villa, yes, subang again.. haha.. with my parents and HuiXin and family.. have a great time there... play tennis *i'm pro leh, pro at picking up tennis balls*, bowling, snooker, swimming.. oh, and jacuzzi.. haha..
we had high tea at a restaurant of Holiday Villa, keep eating non-stop.. haha..
I think we spent the most time on swimming.. enjoy jacuzzi too..
Had a great time also..

I just briefly talk about that.. hope you guys will enjoy your last 2 days holiday..

tommorow i'll be attending my driving undang-undang seminar*whatsoever what it called*, then at night will be attending a wedding dinner.. gonna be drunk.. haha..

~K3!tH is happy, yet sad that school reopen~

Monday, June 04, 2007

new layout..

Thanks to Cyndi for this new layout..

I was lazy to look for a new layout, so I asked her for a help.. hehe..

hope you guys will like it..

drop me some comments, thanks..

~K3!tH finally has a new layout~

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Last day of the 1st semester

today is the last day of the 1st semester and teacher's day.. so, our principal was having a speech and the sun really KILLS her, yes! the 2nd pic looks like crying, actually she was wiping away her sweat.. sad..
Guess wat, the teachers suffer too..

haha.. teacher's day, they still hav to suffer.. sad sad..

It's my turn, pictures, GO!

PikChee, she doesn't look fat in real life, she has a sweet voice, can beat Daniel Lee.. HAHA..

Ms. Vimali is the main 'power supplied' of this picture.. the students had been attracted by her glamour.. (L to R) MunKin, WeiYii, HowTian, me, Albert

YuetLeng, we always chat at Kasturi, and it is where our rumous comes from.. Yes, the rumous is we're couple, but actually, we are NOT.. Brian spoilts the picture. haha..

SuetHooi, my so-called daughter.. haha.. my wife? in the end of this post la.. HAHA..

Know her, HaoYing, before I came into Saujana.. I come into Saujana, she contributes a little bit la.. HAHA..

A smart ass boy in my class.. We took this in cooperative room..

ChinKuan, don't run.. I know u r paparazi and trying to fellow me.. haha.. FUNNY pic..

Oh, my so-called wife, Chooi, she's taking the flower that I threw into dustbin and pick up, then gave her.. not my flower..

(L to R) YuetLeng, SuetHooi, Calvin, JiaVoon; sitting: me & Chooi

so-called "family picture",
JiaVoon - Calvin + SuetHooi's daughter;
YuetLeng, elder daughter & husbard, ChinKuan
me & Chooi - YuetLeng & SuetHooi's parents

Sad JiaVoon was sitting standing in between of HowTian & me..

Ms. Vimali, our biology teacher.. Is she PRETTY? Yes, of course.. me & Sherlene use to call her 'VV'..

Me & Chooi, before leaving the school going back to our her house

~Quite happy ending of the 1st semester, yet I think if everyone comes on that day, it'll be better~

Thursday, May 24, 2007

School life again

life is boring after the exam, snapping again in the class..

KahFai, head prefect, acts till like so la-la.. haha..

MoonTing's drawing.. see the original & the 1 moonting drew..

Sherlene & me in the computer room, she online secretly too.. bad bad.. so do I! haha..

During physics class, yes, finally, we hav class.. In the lab...

Hou looks so blur in the picture; JunFei was sleeping before i took this pic.. haha..

Michelle's time: *haha*

yes, she looks retard man.. durh! so sweet haha.. blek.. with those hands..

She's crazy already, I wanna took with her, not with the sexy girl Seventeen Magazine..

Lian looks sick, but she is not.. I doubt she has camera shy.. *hmm.. don't think so*

time for "family picture" me: papa; Chooi: mama; SuetHooi: daughter... haha..

in Kasturi, our biology teacher showed us CONDOM!! I did take picture of that, BUT.. not going to blog here as condom shy ma.. haha..

~K3!tH didn't take with others~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Enjoy in the school

well well.. to me, today was fun & happy during school time..

after exam, we hav 1 more week to go, but teachers are not coming in to the class, so our class from a noisy class turns into NOISIER class, yes..

Ms. Vimali a.k.a. VV *Sherlene & I use to call her that, such a friendly name* came into the class, she asked us to do our peka for SPM.. & I snapped a few beautiful pics of her..
one of the pictures, i used FLASH, yes, of cause she knew, but she didn't find out who the person is OR maybe she knows is me..

during recess, ShengHou, SuetHooi, WeiYii, HOwTian & I went to Dewan Bacaan( reading hall?) *no book there* where the place that our, cooperative prefect, installation.. and we took some pictures for Moral Project for our installation..

after that, we changed into PE shirt and started to snap pictures for our moral projects..

(girls) left to right: PikChee, ChooiYeung, SooSien, LiLian, Sherlene, EeVon
(boys)left to right: HowTian, me, ShengHou, KahFai, KarHoe

after all those crap, we went to Dewan Terbuka(open-air hall?) and starting taking funny pictures around..
KahFai was hugging the pillar (dangerous, DON'T learn)

I caught him suspended in the air..

We don't touch the ground, we freeze in the air..

Who is the one most yeng? me leh! Can't see my face one..

me, under the sea sun.. i like this effect..

ShengHou & I, on the way going back to the class..

Sherlene, Lian, PikChee

after all, we went back to class, and boring comes visiting... haha..

~Keith is so happy that day~