Sunday, April 29, 2012

my first post in 2012

It gave me a trouble time to retrieve my password for my blog. Been years and months since the last update and login.

Here's my latest picture.
Life's changing, and I'm still standing. From Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, to Adele.
Colour fading, seeing through the rainbow, I'm still living on the moon.
Playing the music, like a soundtrack, missions never gone.
And now, moonlight shining in the city, tell me what's going on.

Self-made t-shirt for my company's party was hilarious, to collaborate with the birthday theme, we had a birthday lunch before the event. The March and April babies didn't expect a prank or a surprise when it was over. Rich-chocolate cake filled us with happiness on the Friday afternoon.

Before the company's event started, we announced to the team that classic afro hair is a must for the birthday babies. I'm glad to see the happy smiley faces on them. 
It is indeed a great coming-five-months with them.

New chapter in my 2012, how about yours?