Friday, August 17, 2007

live .... less or liveless?

Live computer-less,
so boring..

Live music-less,
damn dull..

Live mobile-less,
no communication..

Live exam-less,
no stress.. HAHA..

Live without sex O.o driving (car),
no freedom..

My computer is having some problems,
cannot MSN or online for long moment,
no downloading music,
cannot listen my favourite songs..

I miss everything.. =S

~Live Keith-Leong-less, liveless *hehe*~

SPM's coming soon..


I think almost all the form 5 students, including me, hope that end of the year can come in blink blink, right? because we seem to have a lot of thingsssssssssss to do..

BUT, BUT, at the same time, we don't want end of the year come so fast as we hav to face SPM and say bye bye to my dearest darling friends in the school.. hmm, at that time, we miss everyone..

*back to reality*

ok, boys and girls,
click this link for SPM Schedule
SPM schedule

All the best people..

~K3!tH ... SPM SPM SPM~

Saturday, August 11, 2007

National service...

pay attention, people who were born on year 1990..

National Service name list had been confirmed..
thia year is the 5th year.. No one likes it in fact...
NO ONE likes it.. so many bad news about it..
however, just take it if u're so unlucky and take it easy, people..
useless government

to check, for Hotlink users only
type in NS (IC no.) send to 33995..

p/s: no dash or space in IC no..

example: NS 90**********

Thank God, I'm not one of them..
but some of my friends are so unlucky, yes, they had been chosen for NS..

All the best people..

~K3!tH feels safe..~
I left no comment, just see it yourself..