Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31st October damn boring in school...

*actually, i was supposed to post 31st Oct., but i have sthg on, so i din finish my blogging*
PHYSICS class...
our physics teacher, Pn Cheah is a sick teacher... she calculated the marks wrongly... 11 marks become 9 marks... not me, is Denesh.. & she got anyry in the class oso... bcoz we were so noisy...
tat's a funny thing, Pusat Sumber aka Library ...
all the librarians will be changing their uniform into green colour... it's so weird... let's imagine... do u guys remember those ancient refrigerator which is green in colour, can u guys ring the bell?

This is what I mean... hehe... future librarians' uniform..LOL

Pizza Hut

oh god... I long time din go Pizza Hut, but today, Pizza Hut gave me a bad impression man... CaiJin, Jamie, Elaine, Elaine's bro, Jason, Denesh, Sheng Yeong, Poonam & Pn. Paramjit were there too... they know who SLOW & BAD is the Pizza Hut.. I'm waiting for the waitress to refill the chicken soup for few minutes, i think about 10 mins... Before tat, Poonam helped me to tell the waitress, then *wait wait wait* I reminded them again & again... I'm so wtf them...

*while I was waiting for them, CaiJin & Pn. Paramjit got the salad, omg, they are like 'pro'... decotate the salad... so funny.. it's so nice... *i cant upload the picture, sorry*

after that, while we were having our lunch, we had 2 jar of Cocacola without any glasses! how to drink? using our hands or directly drink it like that? pls lar, use their *waitress* common sense, although they're busy, they could still SEE we didn't have any cup on our table... *ask for the cups, take a long time also*

while we were waiting for our cups, there's a couple next table, while they sat down, the table was full of dishes & rubbish... then they wait wait... ok, clean the table already, they ordered their meals... finally they had their food on the table, but they didn't have any fork, spoon & knife, how to eat without them? they didn't bother to ask for it, if i'm the boyfriend, i'll ask for it, especially the boy *throw face*... when we got our cups, Sheng Yeong told the waitress about the tableware of the couple, then they realised, how sad! service damn bad...i'm so disappointed...

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


She plays an important role in my life
Being an elder sister, she does care me
Our relationship is different from others
Definitely is not a one-day work

Sis, you love care protect me
This is what you do for me
Sis, we chat play enjoy it together
This is the way we get along
Sis, we scold argue fight with each other
This is how we know more about us

We were staying under one roof for so many years
Since the day you wanted to go Aussie
I know my life ain't be the same
When I rewind,
I realise it has been more than 2 years

Rachel, my sister
you are marvellous
Rachel, my sister
you are Ichiban
Rachel, my sister
you are indescribable great sis

I could be your personal protector
I could be your listener
I could be your whatever-you-want
I'll be there for you to back you up and support you

I love you
since no time being written
You will never be replaced in my heart

Copyright reserved ##


Happy Birthday to you, this is just for YOU (above)

chinese version:



Rachel, 我的”家“姐,
Rachel, 我的”家“姐,
Rachel, 我的”家“姐,



~版权所有~ ##



~Keith blogs this for his sister~

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

tat's sthg wrong with the date on my blog...
today is 24th October...

2mr i'll blog about a girl who really plays an important role in my life...
she is *=p*

2mr visit my blog then u'll know...

~Keith blogs again~

Monday, October 23, 2006

Primary classmate GATHERING 23rd Oct

this gathering only 8 ppl... normally, is more than this... As we juz yam cha at Wong Kok Restaurant, Citrus Park abt 2pm...
SiokYean, WaiYee, KhaiYin, ShengYeong, JoYee, Jerry, RiHao & me... almost we wanted to leave KhaiYin only arrived... *she had some "presonal" reason... hehe* well... of coz we waited 4 her... as we are best frenz

OMG... guess what... *if u hav been to that restaurant, u will know how small is it... outside the restaurant, tat's ppl sitting out there too* as we are chatting, we laugh like nobody is around... juz like in our own small world *of coz, i'm one of the 'dai sang gong'(cantonese), laugh like those crazy guy* then, i realised tat's MANY ppl looking at us *juz imagine all the ppl in the restaurant looking at us*, feel so embarrassing, then i said: "shhh, ppl looking lar."
emmm... after few minutes, no, is seconds, we back to NORMAL =.=" LOL!!
perhaps, all the ppl think we are noisy & mad..
we spend there almost 2hrs, i think... after tat we walked to KhaiYin's hse... quite far to the girls, but it's ok to the guys...

ON THE WAY to her hse, we hav some funny things happening...
SiokYean hav bought a big black board*not school blackboard* for Lin Yu Zhong's* correct?* concert b4 go yum cha & she were taking the board all the way to her hse... we laugh laugh laugh... and, the board has a crack in the middle of the board as she used her board to cover her head when it was raining... haha... damn funny...

luckily, after we had reached KhaiYin's hse, only it rained heavily... *thx, god* we chat chat chat & start talking about love love love... haiz, everybody has to tell the truth & tat's got me... *shh... dun tell... promise...* long story... is private... NO NO

haha... time passed so fast abt 6 o'clock, we have to go back home to be a good boys & girls *really? haha* then i hav to wait wait until 7pm...
feel so nice & happy when i'm with my friends

ok, after tat, i hav a celebration *dun tell* =p

when home lar with my parents, when we wanna take a lift *not in my hse, is the condo lift*, the lift stucked at 1st floor, at the time my neighbour is waiting the lift too... then, i'm being a '8 gong' went to 1st floor by using staircase to have a look wat's happening.. ~long story~
~~~few mintes later, then only back to my hse... at the time, i'm so happy as i help ppl...

well... well... i feel so happy when i'm at my frenz' hse, so relax...
juz like Leka & KhaiYin's hse...
i dun feel happy to stay at my hse 24/7, it's so lame...
dun tell, i'm not happy at the night...

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Saturday, October 21, 2006


how i spend this festival?? all along, i didn't care & even know when is Deepavali as it is none of my business *those days*... studying in chinese school, i dun hav a single indian friend at all... *yap, it's all chinese, but i hav a malay fren oso*

but today, i visit a fren of mine, Leka, a fren in Saujana... i went to her hse... CaiJin, Elaine, Jason, SengYeong, Poonam, Denesh, KarHoe, Stephen & Jessica were there too...
well... well.. i had my lunch at her hse, the dishes were nice & delicious * thx Leka & family*...

Happy Deepavali... *is yesterday*

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Exam finish?

not really... i still hav 1 more subject to go, PENDIDIK MORAL...
after the whole week holiday (Deepavali & Hari Raya), then exam is on Monday... lol
act, Sentosa is the same...

well.... juz hope all the Indians & Malays can enjoy their festival *Chineses enjoy ur holiday oso*, but seems all of us * i mean those balik-kampung frenz* do not enjoy the TRAFFIC JAM... lol


haha... government school, like mine, hav the whole week holiday (23rd till 29th) ; chinese private school like my ex school, Tsun Jin High School, doesn't hav so many days off... haha... sad sad... emm... indirectly "chuan" *showing off* u guys...
well well... miss u guys so much...

*my mind is thinking of my ex school* last time, i was in school, everything in the school i know, discipline, academic, co-curriculum, counselling department & etc. even i know how the prefects process something*sthg, not everything, coz i'm not a prefect* and many many...
in Saujana, i do not know everything as i'm new, i juz study at there since 12 June '06... now, i'm a koperasi fellow *dun ask me wat's tat* & a form three stupid fellow "chuan" me... it all bcoz, i'm new...
*give a hint to the rude guy: be humble, young boy, is bad to be rudeness. the world is round. careful of ur "month", try to think about it. (i'm new in this school, but i heard so many stuff about u, it's ALL about rudeness) SAD boy! Doesn't mean u r senior *in Koperasi only* , u can be rude to ME!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nelly Furtado

guess why i wanna blog about her??

i'm so proud of her... she's not only in her world *same as me* & with her guitar - she said tat...
she is so different, she looks so old last time, but now... not the same anymore ya...
can u remember an old song *not very old, it's '90* called "I'm like a bird" & the MV? omg... almost everyday i heard tat song when the song was so famous... i feel so boring & lame... and the mv pula, omg... cant get out of my mind, it's so not nice...

wow... after so many years, she finally has a new album, Loose... it's a brand new look of her...
check it out her new song,

( sorry guys, i get tis MV from YouTube, so those sexy girls are not my work, the important is the MV)...

Maneater -

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And, have a look on her old song & old look,

I'm like a bird-

At last, one of her new songs which i LOVE the most.... It's...