Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

well, people, many of us may not know that today is Halloween, so was I..
thanks for letting me know.. haha..

reason is Malaysia doesn't really focus on this festival, and we can't see any things to do with Halloween.. kinda sad ya? *YES!!!*

well, I would like to feel the atmosphere and the scenario.. hmm..
wish i were there!!!

and oya, Rihanna is heading to Aussie for concertssss..
why don't you come here with Chris Brown, fans from Malaysia miss you much..haha..

*no politics!!! errrrr...*
some of you may know what I am saying.. haha.. stupid Malaysia!! opps..

ok, once again, Happy Halloween.. enjoy!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

hope on someone

this morning I had gone to college for a maths mock test and had a great time on the phone too.. lolz..

when I reached home, i was told by my parents that one of my relatives had had a stroke..

and it seems to be quite critical as what my parents said after they paid a visit in the hospital..

hoping the best and praying..

I'm alright.. don't worries.. haha.. *wink*

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I would like to say sorry to my friends who I neglected..

final is coming and I didn't really chat with u guys in MSN, neither do sms..

my phone is expired and I didn't reload as I know I will keep on sms-ing.. lolz.. anything just call me.. thanks..

a dear friend of mine said that we(the gang) seem to be getting unclosed, well, it is so not true..
each of us is having exam and busy, some really had a depression, so did I, well, exam passed, everything will back to normal as we used to be..

remember what I used to say and blogged here.. don't think too much k? I know u are not now..

some even said that I fu-yan them, sorry friends.. I pay back after final k? lolz..

ok, I sound serious just now.. haha.. well, thanks for being understanding..

don't say I fu-yan ah..



ciao~~ XS

still sounds good to everyone of us..

Dancing Queen - love this song so much

Mama Mia - this too..

Yesterday Once More - I like the lyrics..

Mr. Postman, a song that I always heard when I was young.. haha..

there are too many.. gosh.. when I listen after years, they still sounds good for me, I listen when I study too.. haha.. opps..

Monday, October 27, 2008





其实只是想说说那个感言罢了..haha.. TVB加油!!




我找到我的精神之柱了,人! 哈哈。。


Saturday, October 25, 2008

comes to an end..

today is the last day of SAM..

Maths Studies, Mr Munin

Biology, Ms Cheang

Chemisrty, Ms Shenna

Physics, Mr Ng

ESL studies, Ms Rajani

what are we gonna be after THIS??
final exam 1st..

actually, we had lunch together after class..
let me intro the best of the class, (L to R)
WeiJian, EngHui, Elvina, WingYann, WoanYin, Hannah, Tiffany, MinMin, Keith, Henri

other pics
JoAnn, Kay, Shyamala

thanks to WeiJian for the pictures..
thanks for having you guys in my classmates, hope we can still keep in touch in future, i dont want my memories just stop with a full-stop, just like that..

p/s: want the pictures? get from me.. thx..

Thursday, October 23, 2008









Saturday, October 18, 2008








对了,今年年尾,Taylor's 主办 Corroboree for South Australian Matriculation的学生, 因为上述的原因我已退出了。
我在SAM里,没什么朋友,A Levels就有几个..









the world is undergoing global inflation, hope everyone is fine, so am I..

BZ always..

Friday, October 17, 2008

now & then --> college

it's raining out there,
and I'm feeling blue..

time is approaching,
and I'm compressed and in pressure..

things that are unfinished,
it's like a mountain high..
and it's coming to me like a ocean waves,
that is uncontrable..

I need a deep, total rest..

I'm alright, just wanna tell how I feel now,
the crazy Keith is always back when he is with his best buddies..

plus, I hate my college life,
if I were in the other class, I might have a unforgettable, lovely memories??

what had left behind now?

people always said, enjoying college life is a must, but this doesn't seem to apply to my class, can't blame all the classmates of course..

while I looked back, there is an empty, blank path..

there is a week left, and it is gonna be the history in my whole life,
I will remember my college life, won't I?

I will blog about my college life soon, perhaps after my final,
I will tell my story and how I feel..

2008 is not a very good year for me, hope I will have a great year end, right?
*crossing my fingers*



final 先吧!



Monday, October 13, 2008

official Womanizer MV

womanizer video is out!!

her 4 looks + naked in the video, I like the most is the one with the pyjamas..

wow.. as you can see, she REALLY slim down, seee.. she can do it, my Britney..

now, she has back on the right path, she is heading the right way, please don't always talk bad about her, she really had been through alot, yes, alot!!

support ya, Britney..

Q: who is in the video?
A: Calvin Klein Model Brandon Stoughton

Where you from, how's it going?
I know you
Gotta clue, what youre doing?
You can play brand new to all the other chicks out here
But I know what you are, what you are, baby

Look at you
Gettin' more than just re-up
Baby, you
Got all the puppets with their strings up
Fakin' like a good one, but I call 'em like I see 'em
I know what you are, what you are, baby

You're a womanizer
Oh Womanizer
Oh You're a Womanizer Baby
You, You You Are
You, You You Are
Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer

Boy don't try to front I (I) know just (just) what you are (are are)
Boy don't try to front I (I) know just (just) what you are (are are)

You Got Me Goin'
You're Oh-So Charmin'
But I can't do it
U Womanizer

Boy don't try to front I (I) know just (just) what you are (are are)
Boy don't try to front I (I) know just (just) what you are (are are)

You Say I'm Crazy
I got Your Crazy
You're nothing but
A Womanizer

You got the swagger of champion
Too bad for you
Just can't find the right companion
I guess when you have one too many, makes it hard
It could be easy
Who you are, that's who you are, baby

stay tuned to Circus which is her album will be released on her birthday, 2nd of December..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

BZ - ing and tiring

how's my life lately?

well, I'm busy and tired..

always study and study.. just because of the final paper, time to online is lesser and lesser of course..

oya, to those friends who sent me 'you still remember me?' or 'forget me di a?', I'm sorry, I'm busy lately.. please be considerate k? thanks..

will update u guys on 2 dinners,
1st, this coming Sunday, my granny's b'day dinner, and
2nd, the only daughter of a close friend of my parents will be having wedding dinner on next Sunday..

I'm going both events, so I hope I have the time to update you..

haha.. so random just thought of 'Upgrade U' by Beyonce when I typed 'update you' just now.. lol..
I was once so into this song.. lolz.. lyrics is in my mind.. lolz..

there are songs that I love always which is by Beyonce..
sometimes, we use 'Me, Myself and I' informally, it is also her song..
love ya Beyonce Knowles..

god, I know the lyrics of her songs.. opps..

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Emotional Intelligence Quotient

High EQ

You're very careful with words, knows about everything that is to be supposedly kept from you and tends to be able to judge whether someone is genuine about something.

One thing to note is that you tend to be judgmental of people who comes for you - not everyone has an agenda to use you, maybe some just wanted to spend quality time with a great friend like you.

Furthermore, I believe that someone like you will be compassionate and does not hurt people intentionally, as you can easily feel others' emotions.

Piece of advice for you: Learn to let go/talk away the negative emotions you will accumulated from others because it will caused you to be overly depressed about reality.

But hey...with such high EQ, there's a high chance that you will suceed above others in life - if you manage them well enough that is. =D

well, this is a quiz that I had done in facebook, well, it is correct??

didn't update much on my life, life is busy as I'm preparing for my final paper and make the last afford on that..

Jia You!

if u had neglected by me,
please be considerate,
as i still always love you guys.. hehe..

please download Womanizer which is a single from Britney's latest album, Circus and the album will be released on her birthday, 2nd of December..

Monday, October 06, 2008

decision making

well.. during the holiday, I usually sleep late and wake up late,
but yesterday I had to get myself into bed earlier.. about 12 - 1am..

about 3sth, I was waken up without any reasons.. well, cant get into sleep afterwards..

but, but,
this is usually resulting a bad and sleepy day, as I had not enough sleep, but I really feel fresh, and I had done some thinking during the night on the bed, pick up all the pieces of myself, and see the future clearer..

besides doing revision and preparation for the final paper, I gotta make up my mind where to study.. requirement?? I should have known, ya, i do..

let me make sure everything and get my ass into that..

by the way, I'm my college at this moment..

Jia You!!

everything I do, I think of IT,
everything I do, IT will be the 1st to be considered,
but hopefully IT will not completely affect my thinkings and decisions
and ended up, blinked my sight..

of course, I wish IT will complement with the decisions I made..

listening 'Untouched' and I think of IT again..
my mind is fulled of IT..

Sunday, October 05, 2008

a new start, with new layout!!

today is the last day of the one-week holiday..

for this week, I have been doing alot of thinking, yap, something is cleared..

well, the holiday is ended now, gotta back to college and have a tough time, final paper is just approaching me on its way..

gotta be prepared and at least I have to try my best..

YEAH... finally changed my layout!!
new layout!
new layout!!

now my blog has RSS reader.. people will be informed if my blog has been updated.. yoo..


there is a opportunity for you, just grab it and keep it..
I will, will you??

Thursday, October 02, 2008


TVB Weekly

well, I like her, why I said so?
I was influenced by my darling sister, she loves her so much.. and this is how I get to know more about Kelly..

we sang her songs and danced when parents not at home..
well, Kelly played a part in my life..
the most memorable thing is, me and my darling sing 爱一个人 which is by 慧琳 & 克勤.
the song is playing at the moment in my mind now..

i'm sure u still remember the video, dont you?


today is her wedding, she has been together with her boyfriend for 16 years and finally now they had stepped into the church for her life..

can you imagine?? 16 years..
i'm so envy and admire, they can keep their relationship for so long, plus, Kelly is a superstar, she is busy all the time, not staying in HongKong for 24/7..


all the best to you, Kelly..
u had finally had your own family..