Saturday, July 28, 2007


went to Happy Garden pasar malam (night market), it's just a street, not like OUG one..

to me, it's so so DAMN boring.. dislike that pasar malam..

as usual, there are many stalls selling DVD and CD, opps and porns.. haha.. of course, many people *bong chan* buy..well, i didn't buy any, but i do DL.. hehe..

wasting your money on that.. hehe.. but, please buy original if necessary..

i hate one FM station, start with H one.. wat r they trying to tell about the 50th years of merdeke.. all non-sense.. all are not facts, stupid DJ with the station..

Superman has the idea of wearing underwear outside bcoz of M'sia.. OHH.. stupid non-sense..

people driving like that in M'sia since 1957.. is it insulting or wat? this few years, car accidents in M'sia increase, not like last time.. so r they trying to tell m'sia is going worse or wat in the radio station?

before 1957, H*** fm is known as H*** am... WTF? there was no this stupid station.. this station just had its 10-year anniversary, right?

more and more...
all non-sense, wat message r they trying to give us? wrong infomation or wat?
r u guys brainless? i wonder is it against the law or wat? Give them warning letter or sue them..
shame of you guys..

~K3!tH is speechless~

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MY FIRST TIME.. no more..

I had 2 happiness today..

first, I had won the champion in the debate competition..
this is the FIRST time I participated debate competition, never had it before...
I'm so happy leh..

after that, Lian, Sherlene and I, the winner went to a restaurant, of coz with some friends also..

oh ya.. before going to restaurant and after leaving the school, something happens in between.. Guess what? this is my 2nd 'FIRST time' of the day..

I DROVE.. yes.. gotta ask me, don't chat it here..

sensitive issue..

gotta seldom online and update my blog, so maybe it will die again! haha..
well, I'll make it alive and live again by doing SPR..

~K3!tH had his first times, not virginity, ok?~

Sunday, July 15, 2007

cigarettes everywhere

I went for the driving theory course and what I hate the most is people smoking everywhere..

I was like going to scold them, but of course, hell NO...

I saw a girl kept on coughing and coughing, she must be suffering..

Can anyone tell me, what is so interesting of smoking and holding the cigarette between the fingers?
cool? not cool at all..
smart? it's stupid..
taste nice? is this a possible answer? Don't tell me ya..

What else huh?

people, please don't smoke..

~K3!tH hates smoking!!~

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Missing, the thought

school ended,
i was standing at the side gate and was waiting for my parents to take me home..

I saw a small girl approached her sister..
her sister was so surprise and said "eh, you are here?"

what flash through my mind is my sister..
out of a sudden, I miss her on the spot..

missing the bus,
missing the time,
missing a person,
it's not the same meaning at all..

when you see something link to the person you miss,
there are some memories will flash back,
just pop out of your mind from no where..

I doubt I'll miss everything,
like my bro & sis do.

~who knows wat K3!tH is saying?~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

debate competition

well.. today we had a debate in my school, chinese debate..

1 pair of groups get outta points, the title is "Should secondary school students dating?",
but it seems the title is "Should secondary school students make love?" to 'em..
yes, it's A BIG difference and mistake!
funny leh..

The last pair of group is my group vs HanSeng group..
my group members are LiLian and Sherlene...
This moment is so excited for everyone of us, including the audiences..

In fact, 3 of us kept on attacking HanSeng... Seems he always said the wrong things.. haha.
& 3 of us just attacked HS as his group members are so QUIET...
yes, during debate!

so till the end, top 4 will be having final next wednesday, yes, including my group!
yeepee.. XP

Venue: Reading Hall / Language Room *not fixed*
Date : 18th July (Wed.)
Time : 1.30pm starts
Title : "Should students take tuition?"

p/s: tell me if you have any point! Thx..

the final will be held on 18th of July (Wednesday), the top four will try their best to emerge as champion.. I believe it would be more excited.. Everyone of you is invited to watch this final.. The more people will do.. Come ya and support me ya!! HAHA..

~K3!tH can't wait for the competition! hehe..~