Saturday, September 29, 2007


nothing to say, but seem like writing something..

when listening to 'apologise' by Timberland, a new rock song, i feel kinda moody like that..

i like the starting.. To me, it feels like an song that had been missing.. don't know why..
i think it is similiar to some songs.. i think it is the clip that i'll intro later on..

i think of friends, generally, and more.. seems miserable.. i just dont know how to describe myself and dont know wat i am doing.. writing non-sense..

well, when i think of friends, one person just pop out of my mind.. dont know wat is going on, and our relationship just seems to be worsen, i dont know anything.. whatever..

well, songs can affect our emo, obviously, everyone does agree..
"When you're gone" by Avril does too..
Fai said when the 1st time he heard that song, he felt sad and misery..

plus, this clip really made me sad.. the time passing by like water flowing and just cant stop it..
this clip is famous, and everyone knows "Everyday".. and he then becomes a popular Youtube user and even the news reported this.. not in Malaysia, of course..

i even added him at MySpace, this guy is just so FAMOUS..

click this

just imagine every single days he took his photos for 6 years.. GOD!!
2356 Days.A work in progress.
i'm scared of going to older and older..
it has been almost a year ago he uploaded his video clip, but the comments in YouTube never stop..

i dun feel like watching it again, make me SAD, fucker.. haha..

~no watching it, definately not NOW..~

Opps, i did it again..
damn, i watched it AGAIN.. XD no 2nd time for today..

Friday, September 14, 2007

Gimme MORE..

I believe that a lot of people know "Gimme More" is from Britney's latest album..

I like this song..

Well, many people did ask me, "Why u still like Britney?" and bla bla bla..

yap, she has lots of negetive news - latest one is about MTV award performance, not wearing underwear, she said Sean Preston and Jayden James are her mistakes and etc..

well, i just hope her all the best.. and her negative news do affect her a lot..

Friday, September 07, 2007


UPSR is a primary government school public exam.. it ended on 5th of September (Wednesday)..
it just takes 3 days and SPM takes 10days for me..

following day, 6th Sept, I saw newspaper, chinese primary school Melayu Language and Mathematics had 'bocor' leaked out before the exam, even worse, it was announced that English and Science had leaked out on the next day..

Oh My Goodness.. Listen dude, it is GOV PAPER.. get me? GOV PAPER!!!!!!!!

How can they do such a thing, man? now, all the standard six students have to study again, just in case the government wants to retake those paper..

it is the gov fault and the students have to suffer.. although the government hasn't confirmed and asked for retake, it is still their fault.. haiz..

newspaper even listed out the exam which had been leaked out these few years..

luckily my time is ok.. No exam paper leaked out as what we know..

bla bla bla.. many people hav the same thought as mine.. ridiculous..

Exam paper leaked out..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

dying, but alive once more..

my blog i mean... quite sometimes didn't post right?

and my blog has mushroom *refer to tagboard*, right? got meh? where ya?


for no reason,
I missed my TsunJin High school..

the teachers, students, even the school,
i never been there for more than a year,
but.. i'm still missing it..

I was studying in that school for 3 and a half years,
do u think i can forget just like washing my memories away?

i miss the teachers though,
their voice, the action,
i even recall their voices of calling me..

friends had become my former classmates,
the life that i spent with them,
it just a memory
once i left the school..
it never happens again..

i can still remember a lot of things..
almost everything..
i miss them..
BUT, do they forget me?
Am I in their friend-list or they deleted me from it?

life must go on,
i get my new friends from Saujana,
make lots of differences..
be a blogger,
join MySpace,
and many more..

school life makes a lot of changes on me..
I don't have to wake up so EARLY,
not taking LRT,
shopping complex is not in a short distance *hehe*
become naughty *HAHA*
and lots and lots..

I'll experience it next year,
the same thing i do,
as we, my F5 Saujana friends, will be leaving secondary school
and enter college or F6, even gone to overseas..
we may be seperated..

next meeting all of us together will become unknown...
i doubt i'll be missing everything again..

Yes, primary schoolmates also had seperated,
but few of us still having gathering,
miss you guys..

my Johor Bahru schoolmates also lost contact,
how can i contact 'em is a problem..
missing you guys too..

p/s: whoever is from JB SJK(C) Foon Yew 2, pls contact me..
especially from 1M('97), 2C('98), 3C('99) and 4K('00)..

many friends from many places, i may not get everyone,
so people, precious every moment..

~K3!tH wrote tooooooo long for this.. hehe~