Saturday, April 26, 2008

happy? not?

happy or not?

I'm supposed to say that i'm happy today, yes, before next day 12am..

whole day spend with friends, went to my secondary school, Saujana for carnival..

for 9am to 6pm..

really happy.. at night too..

my nightmare comes at 2ish..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Britney, the Pepsi girl

being a blogger reader, you should have known i'm a Britney's fans.. even you are blind, right?

haha.. stop insulting for goodness sake.. haha..

well, i saw this clip, i was like 'Oh, my Britney!'

i wondered this clip is new at first, then i could see she still 'fit' at that time, so must sometimes ago.. "Britney, u can look glamarous still, doesn't mean you're not glamarous now.. !!"

this is another one..

if u're her fans, u should hear this song before..

This ad is famous.. don't tell me u never know.. haha..

for more Pepsi girl, go YouTube and look for it.. Britney Pepsi Commercial..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

what is life?

Thanks for all of you have been accompaning with me all the way..

'life is impossible with no friends!' - KJ

I cant deny some of you treat me with your true heart!!

I just cant stand my life sometimes, SOMETIMES only la..
if all the time, i might be not around anymore..

'life is misery!' - KJ

right? some may agree, some may not.. I'm just so pessimistic to life! duh! what is life?

wow.. that's so true that

The Buddhist Ethics

The Four Noble Truths

  1. The first noble truth: Life is full of suffering (dukkha)
  2. The second noble truth: The cause of suffering
  3. The third noble truth: The ending of suffering (or attainment of nirvana)
  4. The fourth noble truth: The way to end suffering (the Eightfold Path)
studied from moral education..

In conclusion, life is full of suffering! that is SO TRUE!!

hmm.. I wonder when I have this negative thoughts.. all along?

ciao! dude..

I have to back to the K3!tH in the wonderland suffering world!

tata.. upload next time!

It's just the beginning of my life,
it hasn't even started yet

there is a long journey to the end, yet...

Friday, April 04, 2008

Life IS like that!

hey, people...
here i come again..

hmm.. let me recall...
how long have I not been blogging?

u don't wanna know...

been busy lately, as i said in my previous my previous post..

assignment gotta pass up and things to study.. in fact, i'm bloggin now at the college as i din bring my pendrive where i leave it at my y'day jeans, so i cant do nothing...

now having free period, so can blog awhile lo..

talking crap now..


college life is bad, to everyone of us, we say the same thing..

assignments and study... mad dy..

as a matter of fact, i was even brokendown someday in the morning at the college.. luckily someone had saved me from that... haiz... frankly, i can still the pressure applied on me now..

thank you~~~


what to do??

never believe college life is good, yes, it does when there are no homework, no assignment, no class...


it's not college life dy.. DUH!!

well, i started my college at the beginning of the year - January, so i have no extra time for myself.. no working..

life IS like that!! - K3!tH KJ L3OnG

tata.. chat with u guys in msn la.. nothing to blog dy..

take care...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

blog or block?

well... recently, there are many things happened..

i did my assignment, in fact rushing for it, I think I did a bad job..
didn't have a great night sleep as I burned midnight oil..

there is something had changed my life indeed..

nothing to be updated too...

have been busy recently, what I can say is..

without realising, I have not been blogging for so long.. I didn't feel it though..

people ask me to update, but i have no mood to sit in front of the computer as I have been sitting for so long for my assignment..

I prefer watching tv or listening to the music..

What I can blog? That's why I prefer not to blog!!!