Thursday, July 30, 2009

comin' up!

love is so powerful that makes one stay strong, agree?

why? why?

songs about love? too many? makes one break down?

wow! LOVE!

Monday, July 27, 2009

no-sex issue

I watched this issue from Hong Kong TVB programme on SEX EDUCATION~

first of all, how u guys know sex?
from parents?
from friends?
from teacher?
from school?
or from Internet??

Asian parents who are conservative seldom talk about sex, or even teach their children as well. They always have the thought of they-will-know-in-future.

hmm.. like how they know? I wonder how they know eh?

okok.. I'm encourage the parents have to teach when you know it's-the-time. when they asked, or when they are curious or having some reaction when kissing screen is shown on the TV.

ask them and talk to them, instead of just letting them to figure out.

this case always happens, when a children asks the parents where they from, they will tend to answer it,
from stone!
from rubbish bin
bla bla bla..

it is a good explanation by saying
"Daddy loves mummy,
so daddy put a seed in mummy,
so mummy will give birth to you!"

there are some young mummy were being interviewed, many of them did not expect the 'accident' will happen, and they choice of not killing the tiny life, but in fact, she ruined her life..

a couple also mentioned that they did not think of the consequences of having a baby; what is on their mind was SEX, and LOVE.

how about the BABY and RESPONSIBILITY??

having a baby in your early age might destroy your future, and dreamss..
and of course, girls, the man who has sex with you might not be the long-lasting life partner of yours.
Don't simply give out your virginity, it is not worthy.

A picture is worth a thousand words

this shows their love is still remaining strong and steady after years..
don't you love this?
btw, love has no fixed definition.

~I love you~

Friday, July 24, 2009

comin' up

sex education!!!!

how the parents should teach their children in sex? or we just leave the thought of letting-them-figure-out?

how the majority Asians parents usually do?

is SEX a big no-no topic for the children?

coming up!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SME Magazine

I'm gonna briefly update on the SME Solutions Expo 2009..

I had attended 2 seminars held by SME Magazine;
one is Maxis National Web 2.0 forum 2009, and
HSBC Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2009.

Web 2.0
I'm a live-without-Internet user, yet I found myself knowing too little about Internet, so do you know what is Web 1.0 or Web 2.0?? har!! boo you if you dont know.. lol

just find more information and details about Web 2.0 by doing some research on the Internet.. Using search engine provided by Google, or what we called 'facebook-ing' are considered as Web 2.0.. these kind of programmes make our life easy.

how about Web 3.0? we are not sure what the future will come up with, by it is largely depended on the human behaviour, and we will see how the Web 3.0 will convenient us in the near future..

Youth Entrepreneurship Summit
Honestly speaking, I have learned a lot from the speakers, they are founders of their companies, and share us their experience.

Glad to be there for the event, it is a great experience for me..
and, being entrepreneur is never an easy position..

This is organized by SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine, Malaysia's best selling business magaine.
Go and grab the latest issue from your nearest bookstore.
'click into the website'

Sunday, July 05, 2009

SME Solutions Expo 2009 *added*

Come and meet thousands of other business owners at the SME Solutions Expo 2009! As the only exhibition dedicated to building businesses, SME Solutions Expo 2009 is a must-visit for business owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs!

An expected audience of 20,000 business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals will be at the fair, making this the networking event of the year!

Looking for ways to grow your business?

Thinking of starting a new venture?

Want to master the new technologies to give your business a boost?


Get involved. Get interactive. It's much more than just an expo!


And much more!

For more information, visit 'click here'


are looking for event job?

From 8th July to 11th July 2009 (Wednesday to Saturday), the pay is RM 80 per day..

Please confirm with me on Tuesday, which is 7th July..

Don't hestitate to phone me up for more information.. (or leave me a msg here..)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

starving in the night

In the middle of night, i'm browsing some food blogs, and now my stomach is hungry.. owhhhh...

I started with searching about Shogun Japanese buffet in Sunway, as I will be having a gathering with my ex-tuition mates and a pretty lady at there end of this month..

this is what I got.. 2 experience from 2 different blogs..

well, have you ever heard that the customers are not allowed to take pictures of the food?? in fact, many people like us like to take pictures of the food and the setting of a restaurant, which is more like a compliment to the particular restaurant; and bear in mind, there are bloggers who blogs and promotes the food..

so, what is wrong with taking pictures huh?
1st case

and, second case..
internal management error

the waiters are failed to admit their problems and apologise to the customers.. the customers had made a reservation, but the waiter refused to let them access due to misunderstanding in communication *long story*.. after recognised the problem after all by the customer, they refused to apologise, and even raise their voice talking to the customers..
just read yourself.. lol
2nd case

hopefully, they would not spoil my day on that special day, if not, they will be in trouble.. opppsss.. XS

while I was going through the food blog, I keep thinking what food do you like?? hehehe~~

missing German food which I had in Australia.. so yummy~~
I went to one German restaurant in Puchong, the food is disappointed, can't even make a comparison with the Australia one..
the German Platter

this Monday, I went to FullHouse again

and Duck King at Jaya One *finally know the place* =)

with my dearest 6B gang..
for more pictures, access into my facebook album.. =)

holiday mood!! blurblur mood.. lol