Sunday, June 29, 2008

funny clip

Obama and Hillary.. lolz..

check it out..

Friday, June 27, 2008

ESL presentation...

well, the presentation that I mentioned last time, is English presentation which i have been waiting for so long as i'm the FIRST person at the LAST day.. lolz..

let me share my introduction.....

I started with this

on my slide..

then i say,

"Good morning to Ms. Rajani and all my friends..

i would like to share a story before i start my presentation..

there is a boy who was told by his parents that he was brought by a stork to his family and put in front of his parents' house.. and, when the boy get older, he has a question in his mind, 'how come nowadays stork is not carrying one child at a time but...'

and, it brings me to my topic, Should human population be reduced?"

hehe.. is it cute? haha.. i don't know they get the joke or not in fact.. lolz..

show u some interesting pic here..

Global warming



contraceptive birth control

some which i didn't put it on slide..

dissected kidney!!

had promised i will post it as soon as possible..

let see..

I'm gonna eat u..

with my group member, Tiffany, MinMin and Sharon

well, well,
i will enjoy my last year in science, this is gonna be my pass from next year onward..
never regretted taking science, as it's a really interesting subject..

basically, I'm a science pre-u student this year and would like to take business for my degree next year..

and having a big dream which is able to success in future.. what is the approachable dream I am referring to? will tell more..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

more time for myself

wow.. finally have a time for myself..

in the pass few days, week, i have to do my assignment then followed by presentation..
i was kinda busy, i cant even have a great time at bed to sleep..

well well well, at least now i have some extra time and free, and also, not so pressure and tension.. hehe..
sound scary??


I will be uploading pictures that I took in biology period - dissected kidney.. will update soon..
actually i have posted in facebook, if u wanna see, can view pictures from there too..

what to say huh?
now i'm at college now.. waiting to get home... ciao.. will update soon, stay tuned..

Monday, June 23, 2008



your metally age: 36 years old
years difference: 18 years old
Childishness: 32%
Maturity: 89%
Aging: 28%

Oh my god!! I'm twice my age, I'm 18 years old, but mentally, I'm 36 years old..
how true is it? who knows.. ciao..
3.37am now..


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Forever, the song

lately I'm so addicted to this song..
no matter i'm sad or happy,
i just feel like hearing this song so much,
even now,
in college,
i'm still listening..

This is the 1st song from Chris Brown that really makes me so addicted ya..

I watched the MV at 1st,
the setting and the MV really look great to me..

enjoy the song~~~


1, 2, 3, 4.

Hey Hey Oh...
Hey Hey Oh...

Its you and me moving
At the speed of light into eternity yer,
Tonight is the night that you
Join me in the middle of ecstasy,
Feel the melody in the rhythm of the
Music around you, around you
Ima take you there, Ima take you there
So no longer be sacred,
Then im right here baby
We can go anywhere, go anywhere
But first its yo chance,
Take my hand come with me

Its like i've waited my whole life for
This one night it's gon' be me you and
The dance floor cause
We've only got one life
Double your pleasure
Double your fun and dance
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever girl forever
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever on the dance floor

Feels like we're on another level
Feels like our loves intertwined,
We can be two rebels breaking the
Rules me and you, you and I
All you got to do is watch me
Look what i can do with my feet
Baby feel the beat intide,
Im hoping you can take the front seat
Just need you to trust me
Ohh Ahh Ohh
It's like!

Its like i've waited my whole life for
This one night it's gon' be me you and
The dance floor cause
We've only got one life
Double your pleasure
Double your fun and dance
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever girl forever
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever on the dance floor

It's a long way down,
It's so high of the ground,
Sent me for an angel
To bring me high,
Girl where did you come from
Got me so undone,
Gazing in your eyes got me
Singing what a beautiful lady
No if buts or maybe's
Release in my heart and
Its feeling amazing
There's no one else that
Matters you love me and i wont
Let you fall girl
Let you fall girl Ohh
AOhh AOhh Ye Yer
I wont let you fall
Let you fall
Let you fall Ohh Ohhh
Yer Yer
Yer Yer
Its Like!

Its like i've waited my whole life for
This one night it's gon' be me you and
The dance floor cause
We've only got one life
Double your pleasure
Double your fun and dance
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever, forever
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever (ever, ever)
Forever on the dance floor
Ohhh Ahh Ah Ah Ah Ahhh
Forever (ever, ever, ever)
Forever ever Ahh.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

cousin gang to MV

today i went out with my cousins..

this outing is for MingXuan, my youngest cousin's 13-year-old b'day.. well, he is big boy lo.. haha..

how about me? old boy? haha..

WeiJing came to my house to pick me up 1st, then MingXuan whereas b'day boy's sister, HuiXin joined us after a chinese essay writing seminar..

at Mid Valley, I met my primary schoolmate, Huey Li whom i had not seen her since beginning of the year 2007.. so almost one year? haha.. guess what, I spotted her at the ground floor then i shouted out her name from 1st floor.. she finally heard me and we had a talk for so so so long.. my 2 cousins were kept waiting for me, pai seh pai seh..

after that, MingXuan & I went to collect movie tickets which was reserved by HuiXin whereas WeiJing went to Kim Gary for reserving for our dinner.. hehe..

we even met up with my eldest cousin sister, ShauYeen who had just given birth to a baby boy, Zizou..

i like baby!!

we went for KungFu Panda after dinner without ShauYeen and family..

well, about the movie, I think it's recommendable because of the fantastic animation, and simple & educational storyline, it is suitable for children..

'Zizou, uncle will bring you for movie when u're older k? lolz..'

thanks to WeiJing for the movie and fetching us, and ShauYeen for the dinner.. hehe..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

friendship forever, it works..

well.. today is a great and busy day.. from the morning till the night..

morning at school, i have to rush for my physics practical, be prepared for my biology presentation..

after all, physics pratical can pass up next Mon and the presentation will be doing on Monday as well.. well, good for me to have more time to be well-prepared..

after class, Sherlene, Lian and I back from college to Sri Petaling for Kah Fai's b'day celebration which held by me and Sherlene..
here is some pics..
here is the cake!!

dear KahFai!!
he is a great friend to be with!!

MoonTing is managed to ask JiaPei, ChooiYueng, MunKin to join this celebration from Sentosa.. TAR college representative - WaiLik

after this, i continued to have my primary classmates gathering..
hehe.. well, i sms-ed to ask SuWan whether it is possible if i pick up her earlier, as the place where the celebration was held is near her house..

when her right leg just stepped into my car, i was like, 'u CUT your hair?'
it's kinda surprise for me, though, yet she looks great in that too..

after that, we went to SiokYean's place to pick her up..
on the way to her place, i tell SuWan that I can drive safely when SiokYean is not sitting beside me in the car! haha.. damn funny la..

my dear SiokYean had highlighted her hair, she looks great always.. Does she? HAHA!! XD

when 3 of us reached Station One at Citrus Park, the girls spotted RiHao and KhaiYin were there.. from what the latters said, the twins, KiaWei and Shen had reached there one hour earlier.. haha..

actually it reminds me of the day before my b'day..

~flash back~
they managed to come for my b'day celebration which was held at night at WongKok in Citrus Park.. WaiYee asked them to join in the afternoon of the same day in fact.. don't u think it's incredible that everyone could attend?

I could never forget it, thanks people..

oya, and SiokYean and SuWan said they are touched by my post, What is Money Can't Buy

well, this is what from the bottom of my heart..

we did talk about this again, almost all of us agree that people around us are surprise that we, primary classmates, are still having gathering and bonding with one another strongly..
we are proud of it.. hehe..

here is the pictures...


we are crazy as usual! XP

the twins, left - KiaShen, right - KiaWei

Many of us didn't get enough rest today, some after college, some after outing directly join the gathering.. so we couldn't stay over 12 midnight.. haha..

well, thanks to you guys.. I really appreciate very much..

love you guys a lot..

friendship forever, it works..

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Peak of the Cloud

cloud peak? peak of the cloud? it's a direct translation from chinese of the word Genting Highlands in English..
don't u think it is a great name?
we are so fimiliar with the word without knowing the real meaning of the word.. 云顶

well, I was been there for 3 days 2 nights with family and relatives..

hmm.. for this trip, we are quite disappointed in fact..

1st, the hotel that we reserved is a lousy one, First World Hotel.. it is not a good hotel yet with this sound-nice name.. hehe..
if u are going for low budget or expenses, u may choose this hotel..
the reservation is made by the gf of my uncle's friend..

ok, there are too many things to complain about the hotel, don't waste time on it!!

just briefly and summarise this trip..

sad me, I can't access CASINO! haha.. well, i won't go for gambling, but just want to have a look, but i fail.. ><" nevermind.. haha..

it's boring for me, my cousin, HuiXin joins her friends, yes, I didn't join them.. it is like a big gor gor with all the children.. haha..

luckily I know an Internet friend called Jimmy who is working at Genting.. he took me to have a tour.. he even brought me to Safari, the disco without paying for it.. haha.. free of charge..
we ordered 5 bottles of beer, end up, i drank 3 and a half bottles.. haha..
I would like to thank him here, really appreciate ya..

guess what, I even met WingYip at the disco, specifically the dance floor.. didn't expect to see him there.. haha..

let me upload some pictures here..

cloudy, gonna rain
pouring outside!
morning view

saw this in toilet..
'looking for pretty lady?? young, sexy, good in service!!! (China, Thailand, HongKong) Traditional massage!
sell off car, gold, handphone, computer'
crazy huh? so cheap la.. ><

I wonder how many people DID THAT in the hotel room!! OMG!!

Hou Mei? taste good? no, never..

the so-called 'First World'

on the way getting down from Genting.. look scary huh? lolz..

There are plenty of pictures I didn't upload.. there are alot..

k then, that's all for now.. lolz..

Sunday, June 01, 2008

morning walk & baby!

waken up earlier for jogging today..

well, well, tell u some interesting things

today, i wake up, brush teeth, change clothes... *yawning~~~*

ok.. fine..

we (my cousin, MingXuan & I without HuiXin) saw two boars in Bukit Jalil.. haha..
see this..
ready, 1, 2, 3..

well, many family and old couples go for jogging in the morning..
I didn't see many young adults or teenagers..
they're lazy.. haha.. kidding.. they might be getting rest as they are busy during the weekdays..

i saw baby and young kids.. OMG, they're so charming and cute.. love childrensssss..

i saw a small boy calling his sister, makes me remind me of my sister, whom i always close with and now she is living in Australia now.. hehe..

now i'm going to my granny's hse to see my baby, opps.. my cousin's baby.. ciaos..


baby is cute neh.. hehe.. he looks dark and when he stretches his body, his face turns red..
in conclusion, he is cute..
haha.. i've been promoted to 表舅舅.. haha..
pic?? save for myself.. HAHA.. blek..

~Keith steps into June, hope to have a great start and everything's great.. lolz..~