Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's

I can see many people holding their flowers, cards everywhere... including the boys..
last time, when i was in Tsun Jin High, they don't really celebrate like this..

well, I'm single, so i dun hav 'partner' with me.. HAHA..
When we were in the class studying, that's a lot of students knocking our class door while they were holding floweres, then they asked "This is for *****"
Why don't they do in once & for all... But, never.. It's kinda excited when we hav this kind of surprise...

Well, I hav no girlfriend now, so I didn't celebrate & spend my time in KASTURI (tuition).. haha..
well, hope all of u hav a Happy Valentine's Day..
ya, thanks for the people who gave me cards & present...

Especially, Lian... Thanks for ur present.. It's great.. Good in FengShui oso, right? LiLian 2?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy B'day to Hui Xin

because of you, I blog again.. *haha*

this girl, i have known her even when she was a baby... *naughty*

*FLASH BACK* when we were young
she is my playmate, of course & cousin, we can play until granny's hse 'turn over' O.o"
since young, we used to bully each other
I'm her elder cousin, of course I did bully her *hmm.. got mah, Xin?*
She ALWAYS complained to her mama that I bully her even I did not, but
now, i asked her, she can't remember.. *haha*
my relatives used to disturb me, they said "Where's your girlfriend?"

now, we are like closed friends, share some secrets *shh..*
& also talk about anything, even talk about the universe back to the earth then go further..
sometimes, play & joke till 'siao' (crazy).. we are SOT also.. hmm.. metal problem as well..
she is my partner also... we sometimes accompany each other to do something together,
like going Sunway Lagoon, we played wet park & many more

today onwards, you're 14-year-old big girl lor..
hope you will stay healthy & all your wishes may come true..
tell me if you want to share or complain anything..
i'll be your advisor & listener..
take care..

Friday, February 02, 2007

thanks to all..

some of my frenz asked me, OMG wat happen to u?
then i said wat?
then they said i saw ur blog...

thanks u guys..
although this has been a long time, but thanks for asking me..
i'm fine.. I dun hav the someone-peeks-me-in-the-toilet look..

oh ya, this has been a new year! omg, nvm wish u guys have a happy new year...
CNY is around the corner, I wish this CNY will be greater than last year..

hmm.. oh.. gotta talk abt my birthday, last friday is my B'day*think of Beyonce*..
the period b4 the recess, Denesh asked me to accompany him to walk out of the class *to see where's the noice comes from*.. Later on, LiLian comes out too, then take my walk a big round..
stupid Keith didn't know they've planned...
when i enter the class, the 1st word i'm gotta say is SWITCH ON THE FAN LAR, but before i say, my classmates sang me a B'day song.. I was like WAT? actually, chooi yuen bought me a cake *i mean a slice of cake*.. Thanks, girl..

ya, thanks to an anonymous that gave me a card..