Saturday, May 31, 2008

what money can't buy?

let me put it that way,
i care about a friend, so i will do things for/about them no matter how long..

friendship has no expired date.. as long as we try to maintain and keep it well, it is always in a good condition..

friends are always be with you, u must have friends in your life to colour it, pass by and so on..
friends come in two catagories, good or bad..
thanks for having good friends with me all the time..

ok, many ppl told me that they didn't have gathering or even meet up with primary schoolmates when i told them i have..
people will think that, 'wow, it's gorgeous of having those friends so closed'
yes, i think they really play important roles in my life.. thanks to them.. love u guys..

ok, tell u something, my mum still keeps in touch with her primary classmates, i think they knew one another since year one in primary.. don't you think it is great? they are still having gathering..
i cant imagine when i have mine after many years later, when they brought their children along while having gathering..

no matter how, i'm precious the time i spend with my friends, friends forever, it works...
maybe few years later, many of us may not at the same place, some might be going overseas, migrating and stuff.. yet, this is a global world, how to make friends get apart from one another huh?

yap, i would like to show u guys something, this is my highest profile viewed
amount of friends:
i know it's not alot yet, but i just wanna share, not showing off or what..

Friday, May 30, 2008

holiday life..

well well well.. holiday is boring!!! XS.. lolz..

ok, tomorrow i'm going for a seminar, will blog something..

hmm.. about..


oya, show my darling *HAHA* best buddy la, SiokYean, who came back from NS, and KhaiYin, SuWan and us were at Steven's corner to have a little chat..

as usual, we are the noistest, laughing here and there, lame joke too.. haha..
please don't scold me as an inefficient blogger.. HAHA.. long time jor.. at least i blogged right? lolz..

SiokYean and SuWan

SiokYean and me

hmm.. wonder why KhaiYin is not the pic, she must be sweet sweet at that time lo.. HAHA..

Thanks for having you guys, my life is painted with colourss.. muackzz..
in fact, there are more than just 4 people, many cant make it..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

touched my heart

i would like to write this before i receive a call..

just now i watched Desperate Housewives at 8TV, it is the 4th season..

this episode really gives me a deep thought.. why i said so?

let me tell u, this episode is about

*I received the call*

tornado, Wisteria Lane is attacked by tornado..

the only part which really touched my heart is
Lynette and Ms McCluskey

both of them are supposed to be at Ms McCluskey's house basement with Ida and Lynette's family.. here goes like that, Tom, who is Lynette's husband, is allergic to cat (Ida's cat).. Lynette takes the cat out of the basement and intented to let go the cat for Tom's sake, but end up, Ms McCluskey stops her..

the door is opened due to wind blows and the cat is run out of the house.. McCluskey is chasing the cat, Lynette comes after her..
both of them saw the tornado is heading towards them in a short distance, so they run into the nearest house - Lynette's..


ok, after tornado, both of them are safe, and they walked out of the house.. they saw the opposite house - Ms McCluskey's - is broken into pieces.. Lynette is screaming and shouting for help while she is running towards the broken house with all the branches, rubbish, cars... all over the place..

wow.. i feel kinda sad indeed.. i will feel sad while i watched documentaries like 911..

like the case, 512 SiChuan earthquake.. haha.. don't feel like continue dy, long story wei..

~I'm alright, respect the decision..~ YEAH!!!

hmm.. yap, i think i understand and know what i should do to be relax and released a bit..
maybe i might be too one-track mind..

haha.. holiday, which is a time for us to recharge and relax.. but, i cant spend it 24/7 at home..
i'll become a statue in the house instead of roadside.. ok..

haha.. clean room, prepare powerpoint, and stuff.. guess what? this is what I dislike the most..
unless i do it for my 'who''s sake.. HAHA.. ok, fine.. it feels cold here..

ok, let's talk some good stuff..

while i was chating with a Net friend of mine,

and he said:
do you know outside there are so many ppl oledi millionaire?
younger than me
some of them are director
earning at least 8k per month

yes, but u can always get better than them in future
who knows
don't think u're loser
but u should think 'i can do it better than them'

wow.. seems like the word from ME, yes, ME has inspired myself?

hmmm.. oya, today my family and my friend, Sherlene have chatted with me about the tertiary studies..

i have decided to take business instead of science field.. (decided quite some time already)
no reason is given as it may offence some people.. HAHA.. blek..

from a totally science background switch to business, hope i can do well..
finally i know myself, what i should go for..

gambateh to myself in everything..

Monday, May 26, 2008

Found it!!

I'm happy today, i think i have not been so happy for months, since the beginning of the year..

the feeling that has been missing, finally is found now.. wow.. i'm just so speechless..

hmm.. the way i think of 'something' would be different.. looking p instead of t..

HAHA.. everyone of u should be havin so many WHY?, WHY?, WHY?...

tell u what,
no reason will be given, and
no question will be answered by me.. HAHA.. blekk..

~K3!tH KJ L3OnG is achieving something now.. what is that?~

Sunday, May 25, 2008

boring sunday

today is boring.. damn boring.. sunday, should be some family day or shopping day, but it's so boring le.. online online..

i did my power point for my biology oral presentation.. finally, i'm finished.. then i saw this in Taylor's blackboard - 'Powerpoint presentation is not encouraged.'

at that moment, i was like wanna kill Ms Cheang.. OMG! it should be understood that presentation can be done by powerpoint, but...
i should have done english power point presentation at 1st..



time flies, now i realised i have not been blogging for so long.. life sucks..

my blog is almost dead, in coma..

hmm.. it's time to update, i mean update u guys.. haha..

many people ask me to update my blog, see the chatterbox, but i was kinda busy leh..

now i'm having a 2-week holiday, yeppie... but but, i think it's not a really holiday for me i guess.. still have to prepare for my oral presentationsss, yes more than 1.. haizz..

ok ok, hmm..

ok, people.. i had just updated my facebook few days ago, i have this account since last year or beginning of this year, but i don't even bother.. it's complicated to me, plus, i have something on that time, started college and stuff.. i don't even have the mood to play facebook, but yet i'm an active friendster member, lolz..

well well, i updated my profile, uploaded pictures, applications.. wow.. there are so many stuff leh.. so now i have 2 active profiles - facebook and friendster -, but not My Space..
it is not that myspace is not good, but seldom friends playing MySpace in malaysia.. NOT MY FRIENDS.. lolz..

oh ya, i gotta do shopping during this holiday.. yes, shopping.. and going to genting with friends and family.. hehe.. blek..

take care ppl.. i will try to update soon.. hehe..

life is different, things are different.. from the previous post till now.. hehe..

~you spoilt everything, i will B hating u always..~

2 people come to my life
1st - Life only take one to be myself
2nd - Love is being happily together

thank you o.. HAHA..

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Britney again!!

this is Britney in a famous series show, How I Met Your Mother.

this is all Britney part.. sit and enjoy!!