Monday, March 24, 2008

without death cert

yup, my blog had dead..

but the thing is, the death certification hasn't been published..

that means my blog is just temporarily in koma..


will be back when i'm free ya..

seems many things to update, but no mood to blog due to busy doing ass, i mean assignment and stuffffffff.. haha..

take care people.. ~~

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

home, alone

written in college,
but blog at home!

after walking out the house,
I feel the inexistence in the house,
I'm home alone.

The house,
where it used to be crowded and full of laughters,
is so empty and quiet..

y'day night after gatherin,
stay in the house,
feel so lonely,
just like the world has stopped and paused to freeze time

watching the TV,
sitting on the coach potato seat,
feelin so empty,
everything is in slow motion..

my family members who have gone to HongKong for a trip,
*one sentence*

I have left behind,
dump in a place,
where people left me alone..

kinda cacat la this so-called 'poem'