Friday, February 20, 2009

my joy

ok, these few days I have been so down and tired..

when I sleep at night, I dream alot, after I woke up, I had forgotten, but i remember it is something bad and awful..
I couldn't have a great night sleep from that day onwards, things have been pondering in my mind, and make me feel so lost..

these 2 days, I stayed at home, but I feel so tired and go to bed again, boring days make me sick, i dont know why.. haiz haiz..

makes me feel better!!

where is my joy? wo de kuai le ne?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

back to Saujana

we had planned this few weeks ago if i'm not mistaken..

this post is chosen to be written in English it's because of Sherlene, she said she will reply in English.. lolz..

ok, we paid a visit back to Saujana, FYI, it's our Secondary School, for taking our SPM cert, AND!!! for your information!!! we sat for our SPM last two years ago, year 2007, but after one YEAR plus, we finally got our SPM cert.. well, it is just like a waste paper.. well, u may frame it or throw it into bin.. haha..

some of the teachers i have no idea who they are liao.. i study there for one and a half year only, so it is not surprised forgotten their name.. haha..

we took a pic before we left, Sherlene gotta back to Uni to attend class; whereas I go home.. hehe..

we'll meet up with Lian on this Fri to Sunway for movie.. We had chosen 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' played by Brad Pitt..
i cant wait for the show, it has a fabulous storyline which touches our heart..

after watching this show, i'll post an article about this movie and 'Changeling'..

the couple had done a great job in these 2 different shows..


Monday, February 16, 2009


I would like to make an announcement on having a new blog..

I have another brand-new blog which is in Chinese..

The purpose of having a Chinese blog is not replacing with this page..
so, from now onwards, "Keith KJ Leong" is English blog;
whereas "吾の傑" is my Chines blog..

Welcome to click in..

thanks for supporting~~~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

love & sex

it has been a week for not updating my blog.. lolz..

btw, Happy Valentine's Day!!

well, this is not my point.. lolz..

sometimes i feel like blogging something here, but i didn't.. feel so lazy sometimes..
yes, i'm not a good blogger.. >< blek!!

1st, a clip which was made by Britney's fans for her b'day.. lolz..

2nd, an old performance from Britney..
it's great..

this is the part, we start talking about....... SEX!!!

3rd, this is funny!!
someone make love in the CAR!!!!!!!!!
check it out!!

4th, this is why better have sex before married..
hmm... u see, then u know.. lolz..

don't get me wrong, i dont mean those, LOVE & SEX.. lolz..
enjoy the day, tonight will be somebody's great night.. omg~~~~


Monday, February 02, 2009

Keith's SAM books

I'm currently selling my last year books and calculator..

I was studying in Taylor's University College taking South Australian Matriculation, short-form SAM..

subjects chosen including 2 compulsory subjects (English and Mathematics), and 3 elective subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

and also selling a brand-new 84-plus calculator which I purchased last year..

the books, notes and calculator are still in good condition

the price of the items is negotiable, so do contact for more information..

if you are interested with above items, please send an e-mail to with entitled 'Keith's SAM books'.
leave your contact no and name..

if you would like to get back to this post, simply just type in 'Keith's SAM books' in google, and it will get u here..

thanks alot..

more pictures and info will be posting up soon..

p/s: please inform me ASAP..







作为城市人都是比较繁忙或者要有比较高的条件,或者我也可以说复杂on certain cases..





a new year, hoping I have a better life in future.. yeap!!