Friday, February 29, 2008

childhood? how nice~~

I like children! lolz..

remember? when I blogged about the YokeNam gathering, I mentioned a baby boy who is Big Brother's 2nd son... I gotten the pictures from SuWan.. thx to her..

ya, this introduction above is such a good beginning for my post today..

well, I had my lunch when I was having break in Taylor's with WoanYin and EngHui..

saw a child making noises, hmm.., not very noisy, though..
WoanYin said she didn't have childhood as she had entered a horrible primary school..

bla bla bla..

what is in my mind, my heart - I hope I could be a child..

naive and no responsibility..
well, I know I am not the only person on the Earth thinks that way..

I can't remember where I heard this, perhaps, radio..
adults always want to be children sometimes, no worries and stuff..

as all of us, we have or had been a child, we always want to be an adult, do whatsoever we want to do, BUT.. it's not just what we think..

Sometimes, I hate my life, even now.. I just hate it.. but what can i do?
I always want a long, long leave for myself..
everyday gotta get up to go to college, I always want one day holiday, even one day will do..

want to go somewhere alone.. to let me breathe deeply, deeply..

feel the world and everything's existence.. relaxing.. staring the stars in the sky at night..

I even want to grab someone I love to a place where there is no one..

BUT, back to the real life, the reality is always cruel..

I have gotten nothing, nothing...

sometimes, I want to be alone and left out.. I mean sometimes!!
just so tired of my life..

LIFE RELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Home Alone is back?

ya, it is back!

I'll be home alone again!

well, due to having my class in college, I am unable to go HONG KONG!

yeap, you are RIGHT.. It's HONG KONG, a place where I have dreamt to go all, I mean, ALLLL the time!!

nevermind, I'll go there one day.. still waiting...

B patient, KEITH KJ LEONG!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pavilion, here I come again

yesterday night, my sister and I only confirm joining my brother to Pavilion for shopping..

at first, my brother and gf wanna meet up with their friends, after that we only decided to go as my parents were havin gathering with their friends on the same day..

end up, my sister and I accompany each other for shopping.. we are very closed, so we're 'gam' with each other..

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1st step to the Curve

today i went to the Curve for the 1st time.. I has never been there.. hmm.. I would say, it's small, but quite nice.. I like to street where has a lot of restaurants and shops by the roadside..

I can tell, it's great and I really like it..

unlucky you, I had forgotten to capture pictures over there, but it really feel great at there..

it's outdoor, so if it's rainin, there will be nasty!

too far away from home, therefore I don't have the chance to pay a visit..

for this time, my cousin, ShauYeen and husband asked my siblings who came back from Australia to have a lunch at the Curve.. HAHA.. and I was able to go!

yeah! nice nice..

will go there another day, maybe with friends!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

movie at night

p/s: there is a new post below which is about CNY gatherin of YokeNam 6B!

take notes!

We had our movie on Friday night, yeah, I mean midnight!

My bro and gf, sis and I went to Golden Screen Cinema in MidValley..

few days before I made a reservation in Taylor's for 4 seats, maximum 4 seats only.. exactly the right figure..

but before going for movie, my sis told me I gotta effort RM40 for Gold Class!! I know what they will do, in fact.. hehe..

my bro and sis pay for me, each RM20..

I should take a picture in MidValley, as everyone went for movie at midnight..
it was so crowded although all the shops are closed..

you know? Friday night..

eating before buyin drinks and popcorn..

spotted this in the fast food restaurant..

I like the movie, Jumper.. I think it's a great show, plus the cinema is a comfortable place to be at..

we were not sittin the exactly-fitted-seat and cant even stretch our body..
cant even kick the seats in front of us, if we stretch our body to maximum..
nice for sleepin too.. ZZZ..

the storyline is good, but i heard that the actor is bad in acting that show.. to me, it's ok de.. hehe..

after movie, while we wanted to get out of midvalley, there was a traffic jam in the parkin..

we laughed as it was 1am approaching 2am, but there was traffic jam which u cant see this incident in Australia as everyone is havin a nice dream..

hmm.. without considering the CNY outing for movie, this would be my first time of having movie at midnight..

love it..

again, it comes to my mind again!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 CNY Yoke Nam gatherin

sorry for the unefficient bloggin.. not like Su Wan marh... lolz..

but the date is exactly the same day!!

1st, we went to RiHao's hse.. without letting WaiYee know that I was coming.. as for the excuse of spending my time with my bro and sis who just came back from Australia..

when everyone's here, WaiYee is the last to arrive.. I gave her a surprise by standin behind the door.. lolz..

next, we 'attack' SuWan's hse.. KiaShen complained that his car had to stay under the sun whereas WaiYee parked under the shade.. haha..
AND! they complained why every year they didn't come to my house for 'bai nin'.. after calling my mum to ask whether we can come to my house for bai nin, unfortunately, they had something on and I promised them to come to my house the next year!

after that, we continued our 'visiting' to YuPeng's house and WaiYee had gotten the chance to park under the shade again.. lolz..

kinda funny of the 'shade games'.. well, i stand on WaiYee's side.. lolz..

then, KhaiYin is the last house to visit in OUG.. In her house, we played some CNY songs which made by Astro. RiHao did complain that the place -Romp- where he works now, always plays these songs that make him sick.. haha..

next we went SiokYean's hse.. well, I know her stayin there quite sometimes already, but I was not sure which unit is hers and never been to her house..
finally for this year!!

funny things of all, KiaShen cant park his car! well, he might be a good driver in future for drivin a gf, but it takes time.. lolz..

as usual, KiaWei and Shen's house would be our final destination..

When I passed by, I looked nothing

When I saw their house, the 1st thing popped into my mind is a clip made by KiaWei and Shen and friends while they were in high school..

have a look!!

It's so funny..
I mean funny as in I know their place, but the clip is saying that their house is a haunted house.. if u don't know their house, u might not be laughing..

IT'S A GHOST STORY! but i laughed all the way I watched this movie..

We ate the pizza which made an order by KiaShen, then we go to K room to break the glasses..
while we stepped into the K room, we spotted Mahjong table.. SiokYean, RiHao and I occuppied the 'kaki' and play mahjong..

naughty us, we drink wine on that day too..
we drink Johnnie Walker Black Label, many of our faces turn red as they're drunk... boo them.. lolz..

well, KiaWei and Shen's big brother opened the whiskey for us, so we just try! eventually, we drink and play drinking game! nice nice!

we did say that KhaiYin is like one of the victim of Edison Chen captured havin sex with him! What a you-know-what worldwide news.. Don't know? update please! lolz..

as what we said, very HIGH! haha..

my four girlfriends! haha.. - SuWan, SiokYean, WaiYee and KhaiYin -

actually, I had taken some pictures with Yun, who is the 2nd son of big brother, but the pics are with SuWan..
He is so cute!! well, I LOVE kidssssss...

before leaving!!!

Well, see these 2 pictures above, the small baby had replaced by a big baby... HAHA.. ME LORH!!

taken this picture by RiHao*not in the picture of course*, actually we planned to hav Korean BBQ, but unlucky them can earn the money as they don't have place of US, the 11 of us..
this place is Mama Chop Papa Grill, what a nice name!

so near yet so far

I captured this in the car while WaiYee was drivin, therefore she is not in the pic..
as what they said, I can capture this pic with my LONGGGGG arm..

Being a good driver of all, WaiYee did 2 mistakes today, because of US!!!
Thanks to her for being a good driver! thanks, muackss..

thanks for everyone to spend their precious CNY times with us, really appreciate!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Word on Valentines

ok, sad for me to not have a celebration on this day..

I, eventually, hate Valentines as I spend my day with myself.. ya, only..

well.. my brother is coming back from Australia, with his gf..

hmm.. 5 years he hasn't been come back to Malaysia..

2 days after, which is 16th, my sis is also comin back from the same place..

hehe.. long time didn't see them.. miss them..

ok, end now..

what a short post ya?

~spending the special day with a special one, where is the special one?~

in fact, it is a sad day for a single or someone who cant celebrate with the loved one...



Monday, February 11, 2008

life like that

10 signs you love someone.

You feel shy whenever they're around.

You smile when you hear their voice.

When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you, you just see him/her.

They're all you think about.

You realize you're always smiling when you're looking at them.

You would do anything for them, just to see them.

While reading this, there was one person on your mind this whole time.

You were so busy thinking about that person, you didnt notice number seven was missing.

You just scrolled up to check and are now silently laughing at yourself.

spotted in Jamie's blog..

how true it is!! gua..

My life back to college!

all the government schools are off today, but not my college.. feel like having few more days off..

the 1st day back to college, forgotten to bring the most important thing - my file..

all the notes and homeworks are inside my file, and i gotta redo the chemisrty pratical and - guess what - end up, we didn't need to pass up! duh!

well, nothing special for today..

y'day we were gambling at my granny's hse again.. win my money back! lolz..

few days to go, someone important *VIP* come back from Australia - my brother and sister..
cant wait for them to come back..

~waitin waitin~

Saturday, February 09, 2008

CNY! eh! angpau leh?

well.. well..
y'day is nice, but seems like 2nd day of CNY for me!

maybe we gambling on the CNY eve, so the first day is like the 2nd day.. DUH!

haha.. hmm..

as usual, many people came to my granny's house, so we can just sit there and wait for angpau to FLY into our pockets..

the evening we spent time playing blackjack on the floor.. with my cousins and some relatives..
*making money* XP

then we confirm going Pavilion on the next day for movie, so at night we play Texas*if i'm not mistaken*..
we played this last year, but almost all of us had forgotten..
the pro, Isaac, my cousin bought the chips and cards from S'pore and taught how to play AGAIN!

I'm bad playing Texas, I won a little bit, but today, i died for it.. XP

Pavilion, here I come!
never been there before..

well, I would say it's nice, grand, high class, but not very BIG complex..
we can just finish window shopping in short time.. HAHA.. ya, window shopping..

deco is so nice, the Chinese New Year mood..

overall, i like that place geh!

1st day of CNY look

at the previous post,
I mentioned about HuiXin and I when we were young..

when i was just going through my friendster profile, i saw 2 cute kids..

those were the days


Oh my god, we are so different now! lengcai lenglui already? lolzz.. I din say so.. OPPS..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chinese New Year!!!

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been waiting..
been waiting..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I'm back

I'm BACK.. I don't mean I'm back from NS, but my blog..

oya, many people do blog about coming back from NS for CNY and stuff, like Elaine and MoonTing..

back to topic la!!

ok, today is the CNY eve, and of course, we hav reunion dinner.. well, this year is so so so different from the last time..

For the last few years, we - parents, grandma and I - joined my mum's side grandma for the reunion dinner..

ok, many question marks eh? My bro and sis had gone to Aussie and the only 4 of us joinin my mum's side grandma for dinner..

~then~ this year leh?
even more crowded.. the 1st time..
my big aunty's family and 4th aunty's family joined us, so there were 2 tables..
all in 18 people..
some had married, some had gone overseas, so we are able to have this dinner together.. happy happy..

AS USUAL, the birthday girl of today, HuiXin and I kept on camwhoring.. like siao like that la..

the two birthday boy and girl!! don't get it huh??

purposely snap this.. meaningful pic! WT?

She snapped us from the mirror, whereas I was opposite.. purposely..

the 3 younger cousins of all.. close close cousins..

it's quite hot sitting at the corner, even drinking wine also no mood.. in fact, I'm addicted to wine.. lolz.. as in a alcoholic?? lolz.. XS

pictures so little? more than that.. not posing all!

ok, I must thank Jasmine for buying a pair of sunglasses as a belated present for me..
before that, I spotted her sunglasses in her blog, then I asked her about that..
then, today afternoon, she called up and asked what sunglasses I like and stuff..
after that, she said she gave me as a gift without expectation.. lolz..

I purposely went to her house and got the sunglasses.. nice nice leh..

thanks to her yo.. really like it..


Happy Birthday to my girl!!
cousin, Hui Xin
not girlfriend, make it CLEAR..

I have known this girl for 15 years *copy from her blog lolz*
hmm.. we're playmates and now 'talk'mates..

we are so closed since young..
playing together..
running from the hall to the kitchen in granny's hse..
placing a cup of water in the freezer..
looking for stuff together.. * u know la*
and more more..

Her brother, MingXuan also is in our gang, but most of the time, HX and I are the leaders of doing naughty stuff OPPS!!!

now, she turned to 15 years old.. I'm here to wish her all the best in everything, get straight As in PMR, all her wishes may come true and of course stay healthy.. hehe..
well, now she's goin to forget me lu, someone is more important lo.. HAHA.. kidding la.. XS