Friday, December 26, 2008

one month from today

what is the date of 'one month from today'?

it's 26th January..

generally, it is a 1st day of Chinese New Year.. it's CNY again.. here comes again..
it is a special day.. many of my relatives gather together at my granny's place and pai nien and getting angpau.. besides that, we can GAMBLE.. lolz.. it is part of 'tradition'!!
blaming on 'tradition' though.. lolz..

ok, people who know me well, guess they WON'T forget this day..
I had a great celebration this year, as i had mentioned few times on my blog and I really appreciate all this..
i hope I will hear from my friends and darling.. hehe..
SURPRISE also!! haha..

ok, not demanding on anything.. lolz..

well, take care people..
new year, new life..
hope everyone has a better year ahead..

I'm waiting the day after a month..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!!

wish everyone of you has a great day today..

when the clock strikes 12AM, I was watching a Christmas show called 'Christmas Card' at Hallmark channel, and I like that storyline..
it is a Christmas show based on a love story..

they are brought together by faith, an army who came to the small place for a purpose, with some other reasons, he is staying there until his off is ended..
somehow, the two human beings start to fall in love with each other..
and they are played by FAITH.. omg.. i like that.. haha.. opps..

the story is not THAT simple, just that i summarised it badly.. haha..

I like that story, of course..

it makes me think of myself, though.. haha..

ok, fine, wish everyone of you enjoy the day and let us wait year 2009 to approach us soon..


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

6B buddies

*written this during work the next day of the gathering, 19th Dec*

It's time to settle and start writing things happened yesterday night..

As you guys had known, I was so excited and can't wait to be there for the gathering. And, I would like to thank KhaiYin and RiHao for organising and helping me on this.. of course they contributed a lot more than me as I have been started working and was studying for IELTS so I pushed my jobs to them.. 3 of us are the organisors..

Yesterday night gathering, it's the first ever 6B gathering. Amount of people who had been invited is 51; no of people who turned up is 33 persons.. it's considered as succeed for the very first gathering as we are able to contact almost all the classmates..

There has been a time not meeting them, some ever since we left school.. I am so happy we had a group photo and we seem to be quite gotten along well after so many years..

Beginning of the event, we started with introducing ourselves one by one on the staircase, facing the crowd. It is done by draw lot, and we have to answer to the following questions.
i. Chinese Name
ii. English Name or nickname
iii. people who sat besides you during primary 6
iv. study abroad
v. relationship status
(red card - occupied; yellow - complicated; green - available)

Guess what I choose for that - complicated. of course the crowd started to throw me many questions.. lolz..
Fine!! at least my part is not quite and god seek, everyone listens.. haha!!

After that everyone started to form small group and chat..

about 10sth, we had decided going KiaWei & Shen's house to have 2nd round, still remember last time, we walked from house to house, or 8 of us cramped into a car , however, for this time, every 2 persons per car, this is because almost all of us can drive now! and, we left so many empty seats now.. These were all the memorises and I glad we had that..

the previous time we visited their house was Chinese New Year period, as usual, we have pai nien every year. So, we sing-K and drink alcohol at their house.. As I'm writing now, I miss that!! errrr...

Time to go home, RiHao was drunk, real drunk, and he had to stay at their house about half an hour to calm himself down as he is one of the drivers..

I was kinda dizzy yesterday, but I was managed to drive myself home and drop SiokYean and SuPei home.. Luckily I could still drive carefully and reach home safely. In fact, when the time I walked down from my car, I couldn't walk steadily.. haha!!
I dont look drunk..

I'm enjoy and glad KhaiYin's idea really worked out in the end, and we had great ending after all! thanks!

see you guys soon..


p/s: everyone seems so busy as you guys haven't uploaded any pics leh!!
i want picturessss!!
more pictures will be uploaded at facebook, please stay tuned..

Monday, December 22, 2008


Britney has released her new MV!!!!

will blog and update things happened lately..

about my 6B gathering.. i really really enjoy..

it is a must to blog that..


I'm happy to hear that.. this makes me feel what I had done is worth it.. muackzz..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


tired these days.. working and working..
well, of course, there are things which are happy.. lolz..

I can't wait to meet my primary classmates..
as you know, I am still keeping contact with some of primary classmates, however, this time we have organised a gathering which all the classmates have been invited..
hence, I can meet my former classmates and see how they look like now.. or, maybe still the same? haha..

see you guys soon..

how long can I wait??

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

busy during holidays..

lots of people asking me the same thing over and over again,
the questions are almost surrounded with 'busy at what?'

well, well, make it clear now..

yes, these two weeks i'm too busy and i have no time for myself to watch drama and do my favourite things..

either work or study, or organise grand gathering for my primary classmates..

last week i applied to be off on Saturday, I had gone for a talk which is by Allan Wu..

then I applied for this wednesday, which is today and Saturday for my IELTS test..
after IELTS test, i will be meeting my Saujana buddies at Mid Valley, which they purposedly changed the date and time to adjust the big boss, me lo.. lolz.. thx guys..
at night, i try to make it for discussing the details for the gathering as I'm the co-organiser ya.. hehe..

my part-time job is not 9 to 5, but worse..
we have 3 shifts, which are full-day, morning and afternoon.. we work at least 10 hours..
so just imagine this happens everyday.. one day off per week..

just for the information, I'm working at Juicy Couture in Pavilion at the moment, this is a branded brand, but it is still considered new in M'sia..
well, well, if i have the chance, ya, sure I will upload some pictures to update my dearly readers.. *wink*

yes, everyone is busy at the end of the year, some for working, some for studying..

try to take some time to rest and don't you ever stress out..
life is BZ, but try to manage your time nicely, and you may find it is still ok to you..

holidayssss, shouldn't we be relax??
I want to have my time and do my stuff..

I don't know why I have this kinda feel,
feel like hugging someone.. errrrrrrrr....

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Uni talk

well, today is my off day for work, it is because i took leave for attending a talk at my Taylor's University College by Allan Wu, who is known as the host of The Amazing race..

well, well, I really know what I should do in future after today, I am more confirmed.. hehe..

post up one pic then, lazy to blog like an essay.. haha..

gonna work for tomorrow, even Monday holiday I have to work, it is better than staying at home and doin nothing during the long holiday right?

so, I'm even BZier after final.. lolz..

Thursday, December 04, 2008

workin' days

I was introduced to a warehouse sales job by a friend of my friend..
and I worked for Juicy Couture, but eventually the warehouse sale is merged by 2 brands which are under a same company.. the brands are Juicy Couture and Club Monaco..

the 1st day which is on 27th, I was not able to go due to having class for IELTS, so the 2nd day is my working day..

so, on my 2nd working day, when we were waiting someone to open the door, my colleagues sat on the f-ing dirty floor, even one half-lying on the floor.. gosh..
just imagine all the germs and dirt stick on your ass.. yerrrr...

and this is what I observed at Bangsar village, there is a Christmas tree..

it is made by plastic bottles.. nice!! it is on with light after evening.. should have taken one pic of that..

and, we had chance to meet someone famous in the warehouse sales, but the only one whom I take a pic with is Serena C, a famous DeeJay in the town..

in fact, I saw her at OK Celeb fest before, but didn't have the chance to approach her and take a pic as she was the MC of that event..

I was able to meet Rivilson, The Amazing Race Asia participant, and Pamela and Venessa who are the same season of TARA.. and some models, one of them looks familiar, and I guess he is my friend of my model friends.. what's his name?? errr..

ok, at the last day, which is a packing day.. We have to pack all the stocks and move back to Pavilion shop, and this is the 'now and then'..

so while doing the packing, I accidentally hurt myself.. this is the pic which I had taken on that day after work at that place..

It was hurt by a blade, don't you think it is like cutting your wrist to commit suicide?? lolz.. well, I wont do such a stupid thing, I appreciate my life and I am looking forward to my future..
*~I'm mister lifestyle of the rich and famous~*

guess how long does the blade cut me??


get a ruler and see how long it is..
it can easily be seen if I used my camera to take this with someone helping..

it cuts me..

and now, I was employed by the sales manager, Joanne, guess I can really work and help her alot on that, so I was being offered.. yeah..

3rd Dec, which is today, is my 1st working day..
It seems great and nice..
pay is not bad too, compared to other part-time job..
today my shift is 12PM to 10PM, and tomorrow is 9AM, yet i'm staying in front of com to blog this..

well, well, I am busy these days, not only working, but studying..
I will be having IELTS test next week and I'm not sure whether I am well-prepared.. lolz.. ok, fine, gotta go..
take care everyone..

oya, do support Britney's new album, Circus..
it is available at every music stall in town, I mean support legal album.. lolz..

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Circus released

All the eyes on me in the center of the ring
Just like a circus (ah, ah, ahaha-hah)
When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trip
Just like a circus (ah, ah, ahaha-hah)
Don't stand there watching me, follow me
Show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor
Just like a circus (ah, ah, ahaha-hah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho)

Interview in Rolling Stone

listen to her new songs.. it is great.. ENJOY!!

Britney Spears - Circus

p/s: gonna blog about my working days in warehouse sales of Juicy Couture and Club Monaco
and I even accidentally cut myself, few cm long.. errr..

my heart seems more painful

Monday, December 01, 2008

December 2008

here comes the last month of this year, and we stepped into this month and waiting for Christmas and New Year..

I have some dear are December baby.. here it goes..

1st of December is a special day, but for me, I guess it is just a normal day living in Kuala Lumpur..

Happy Birthday.. I know you are happy at the moment counting down for your birthday.. it is great having a party..

I would like to have one next year for mine, it is gonna be my last or 2nd last b'day in Malaysia..
IT IS APPROACHING!!!!!! gosh, I must have celebration before Chinese New Year, the b'day baby's birthday is on the 1st day of CNY and I can celebrate with all the Chinese or people around the world..
would like to say 'thank you' at first.. lolz..

2nd of December, Britney will be releasing her latest album, Circus.. I love these songs... love it! love it! of course, that day is her 27th birthday..
all the best, support ya..

3rd, my primary school friend, SuWan, know her since primary six.. and now we are 18!! lolz..

4th, my secondary school lovely bio teacher, Ms Vimali.. so long didn't see her..

and I have some that I was so closed but now we are not closed at all, we even dont talk online.. er...

night.. i'm tired, and listening ‘Unsual You' and 'Out From Under' from Brit's 'Circus' album..

I am lazy and tired.. I need to breathe.. I'm drown and suffocated..

thinking too much, it is not healthy..
'SOS please someone helps me,
it's not healthy

better not to put any hopes, right?