Sunday, May 27, 2007

Last day of the 1st semester

today is the last day of the 1st semester and teacher's day.. so, our principal was having a speech and the sun really KILLS her, yes! the 2nd pic looks like crying, actually she was wiping away her sweat.. sad..
Guess wat, the teachers suffer too..

haha.. teacher's day, they still hav to suffer.. sad sad..

It's my turn, pictures, GO!

PikChee, she doesn't look fat in real life, she has a sweet voice, can beat Daniel Lee.. HAHA..

Ms. Vimali is the main 'power supplied' of this picture.. the students had been attracted by her glamour.. (L to R) MunKin, WeiYii, HowTian, me, Albert

YuetLeng, we always chat at Kasturi, and it is where our rumous comes from.. Yes, the rumous is we're couple, but actually, we are NOT.. Brian spoilts the picture. haha..

SuetHooi, my so-called daughter.. haha.. my wife? in the end of this post la.. HAHA..

Know her, HaoYing, before I came into Saujana.. I come into Saujana, she contributes a little bit la.. HAHA..

A smart ass boy in my class.. We took this in cooperative room..

ChinKuan, don't run.. I know u r paparazi and trying to fellow me.. haha.. FUNNY pic..

Oh, my so-called wife, Chooi, she's taking the flower that I threw into dustbin and pick up, then gave her.. not my flower..

(L to R) YuetLeng, SuetHooi, Calvin, JiaVoon; sitting: me & Chooi

so-called "family picture",
JiaVoon - Calvin + SuetHooi's daughter;
YuetLeng, elder daughter & husbard, ChinKuan
me & Chooi - YuetLeng & SuetHooi's parents

Sad JiaVoon was sitting standing in between of HowTian & me..

Ms. Vimali, our biology teacher.. Is she PRETTY? Yes, of course.. me & Sherlene use to call her 'VV'..

Me & Chooi, before leaving the school going back to our her house

~Quite happy ending of the 1st semester, yet I think if everyone comes on that day, it'll be better~

Thursday, May 24, 2007

School life again

life is boring after the exam, snapping again in the class..

KahFai, head prefect, acts till like so la-la.. haha..

MoonTing's drawing.. see the original & the 1 moonting drew..

Sherlene & me in the computer room, she online secretly too.. bad bad.. so do I! haha..

During physics class, yes, finally, we hav class.. In the lab...

Hou looks so blur in the picture; JunFei was sleeping before i took this pic.. haha..

Michelle's time: *haha*

yes, she looks retard man.. durh! so sweet haha.. blek.. with those hands..

She's crazy already, I wanna took with her, not with the sexy girl Seventeen Magazine..

Lian looks sick, but she is not.. I doubt she has camera shy.. *hmm.. don't think so*

time for "family picture" me: papa; Chooi: mama; SuetHooi: daughter... haha..

in Kasturi, our biology teacher showed us CONDOM!! I did take picture of that, BUT.. not going to blog here as condom shy ma.. haha..

~K3!tH didn't take with others~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Enjoy in the school

well well.. to me, today was fun & happy during school time..

after exam, we hav 1 more week to go, but teachers are not coming in to the class, so our class from a noisy class turns into NOISIER class, yes..

Ms. Vimali a.k.a. VV *Sherlene & I use to call her that, such a friendly name* came into the class, she asked us to do our peka for SPM.. & I snapped a few beautiful pics of her..
one of the pictures, i used FLASH, yes, of cause she knew, but she didn't find out who the person is OR maybe she knows is me..

during recess, ShengHou, SuetHooi, WeiYii, HOwTian & I went to Dewan Bacaan( reading hall?) *no book there* where the place that our, cooperative prefect, installation.. and we took some pictures for Moral Project for our installation..

after that, we changed into PE shirt and started to snap pictures for our moral projects..

(girls) left to right: PikChee, ChooiYeung, SooSien, LiLian, Sherlene, EeVon
(boys)left to right: HowTian, me, ShengHou, KahFai, KarHoe

after all those crap, we went to Dewan Terbuka(open-air hall?) and starting taking funny pictures around..
KahFai was hugging the pillar (dangerous, DON'T learn)

I caught him suspended in the air..

We don't touch the ground, we freeze in the air..

Who is the one most yeng? me leh! Can't see my face one..

me, under the sea sun.. i like this effect..

ShengHou & I, on the way going back to the class..

Sherlene, Lian, PikChee

after all, we went back to class, and boring comes visiting... haha..

~Keith is so happy that day~

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Elaine Low's PARTY

*updated on 20th May
This is the birthday girl, Elaine Low, with me of course..
Having a great party, thanks to her..
17th of May is her birthday & her party was on 19th May (Saturday) at her house..

Sad Elaine, attacked by her friend..

If you guys throw ParkLeng out of the balcony, CJ will come after you guys..

Jason gave up to get into the final.. HEHE..

Gaorii Yoong, she's a pure chinese.. the 1st pic I took only with her.. She's a great dancer..

Leka, feeling SO HOT standing beside, it's not only because the clothes!! chocolate geisha

ShengYeong, a hot & famous guy in school last time, he's in Sentosa now..

Jamie, a fair lady.. Every girl's dream SKIN.. I'm tan dark compared to hers..

Jason, a great blogger.. I can't never compared to him, he's such a genius..

Denesh, my 1st Indian friend..
WAIT, 1st, i'm not racist, just don't have a chance to make indian friend last time..

Shu Fen, I can see you everyday at school! *you know la*

Michelle, cute & funny girl.. Don't drop your t****** ya.. Haha..
Cai Jin, yes, another hot girl around.. She's a model in Seventeen before..

She didn't know I did that when taking picture.. Haha.. Look like licking her?

Sad Jason, he was being 'raped' by SOMEONE*keep in secret*, according to the insider.. Picture proves who THEY are..

The other pictures are under 21 years old.. Joking la.. HAHA..

You may click this link, to see the pictures..

As Friendster can't upload so many pictures!!

~Keith had updated & feel so skinny in the pictures, he WANTS to gain weight *haha*~

Par.. Part... Paty.. PARTY!!!

preparing for attending for Elaine's party..
Elaine Low..

just come back home, then surf the Net.. & blog..

Yesterday, the last day of exam, i asked Elaine what the theme of the party is..
You know what she said? She said what oso can, & she added in, she'll undress us!!! O.O
Cant wait to let her undress!! *Opps!!*

She's just kidding lar, of course...
& she is unavailable, dude.. She belongs to her hubby & ............. another 'unofficially' lover.. *I think. Maybe officially?*

Wanna know more about this birthday girl..

Jump to her blog, people..
~Keith's preparing, yet blogging in front of the computer..~

p/s: Pictures will be blogged later.. Stay tuned..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

lazy blogger comes to life

I had been not updating my blog for so long.. miss my blog.. & everything..

I came back to live blog.. I'm My blog's ALIVE..

Life is still the same: boring..

Having exam until this coming Friday and Monday take a so-called leave as i don't have to take Seni.. Good luck, guys.. maybe hang around with friends after exam.. I miss spiderman, I mean the movie..

well, recently i studied at the night, feel the silence of the night, peaceful kinda feelling.. and, of course, what comes to me is my 'panda eye'..

frankly speaking, sometimes i feel so not happy recently, not always, but i have the kinda feel.. pressure of Keith's Law, this means the pressure from me myself..

Will come back to blogging again.. Miss everything, yes, everything..

I recommend some songs to you guys,
1st: Gwen Stefani - '4 In The Morning'
2nd: Beyonce Knowles feat her bf, Jay-Z - 'Upgrade U'

Good Charlotte - 'Good Morning Revival' *like their songs in this album too*

~Keith doesn't really feel happy, for no reason, SMILE~