Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wake Me Up When December Ends

December might not be a good month for me, for a couple reasons that I can foresee now..

So, what I can do is just 'wait and see'..

or maybe there is a better solution - wake me up when December ends..

By the time I wake up from my fancy dreams, all I know is already time for Christmas and New Year.. and I will wave my arms to year 2010 and be grateful for all the experiences and memories that I had this year.. It will just keep nicely in the bottom of my broken heart, but I could never ensure the time will steal my memories away..

and, January is another new born year, and I'm sure January is my happy joyful month - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY BABE!

Year 2011,
I'm looking forward to see you soon..

Keith KJ.

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